Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why Oh.My.I.Cant.Believe.My.Eyes.

Whaddya know... Its kinda big..

Your buldging fats that is. haha.

Meet one of my closest and dearest friend here in Aimst,

Law EuShen.

a.k.a Mu Gou.

He likes dancing the waltz with Miss BonesOnly in the Dissecto Ball. (and you said there could be no one thinner than me. tsk tsk)

And likes molesting me and doing the pole dance.

With me as the freaking pole.

He likes to be in the spotlight of anything.

And he is such a mike hogger!

He loves to party and knows how to live life to the fullest.

Medical Student?

Yea. You better believe it.

Well this guy Mu Gou right here, he turned 20 3 days ago!

Not enough we celebrated his birthday at Kawazu, he went and held a birthday party for himself T_______T

Im hidden :( AGAIN!!!!

WHY?????? T___________________T

It was held at Nadia's place near campus. BBQ and fried rice was on the menu, alongside soft drinks (which I sponsored. again) and mash potatoes (compliments of Nadia). No cake, no big presents, just a simple birthday gathering with his closest friends.

The party was somewhat exclusive. He told me he made a quota as to how many people he is going to invite. And seeing that he is from January batch foundation, most of his close friends are from there so obviously he would invite more January batch ex foundation mates. Only me and Kok Keong were from April batch foundation. Everyone else was either from January batch or from the Biotech gang. I concluded that either:

A) I have GOOD social skills.


B) I have GREAT social skills.


Melvin (driver with the CNN antenna) and MingZhi had already pre-planned to arrive at the party late but still, we were very much earlier than a handful of people! Melvin wanted to drive around the area cause he was seriously very serious about wanting to be 'fashionably' late.

Among his other attempts was to drive off without me in the car. T_________T

Men hard at work!

I was soooo hungry that I kept biting on the plastic spoon thinking it was a drumstick. T_____T

Work that fire Habeeb! Fan Like Theres No Tomorrow!

After a 45 minutes struggle with the Barbeque pit, it came alive! Finally! Not a moment too soon as my tummy was already howling for food! I was all set to devour the Tesco brand sausages till Sue Ann said one word.

Oncogenic. T__________T

Appetite all gone.

Ai Ling, Bik Yin, Me, EuShen, Evelyn

Lol. I shall not state the obvious.

Oh wat the hell why not. IM THE TALLEST!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeee!

This looks like such a family potrait. No? Everyone standing so neatly. As if we were bolted into position. haha. But I love the picture. REDBOX fanatics!! Except for MingZhi and Melvin.

Ahhhh... I feel so good everytime I look at this photo. hahahahaha.

My lovely classmates. MBBS Batch 14 ROCKS!!!!!

Once a good pal, always a good pal =)

Melvin the driver, left halfway as his friend needed to go the the clinic as she was developing some kind of rash. Hope she gets better soon and hopefully its not because of that dreaded Charlie!!! Stupid bug.

Anyways! Due to this unforseen circumstances, we decided to walk back to campus though its almost the middle of the night! JAIHO! Hmm. Makes no sense XD The JAIHO part. Not the walking.

14 of us walked back to campus. Yes. On our own two feets. While singing Ai Mei and I Never Had A Dream Come True! Awesomeness. Got me so hyped up! (Yay me going to Redbox tomoro with Nicholas, Hui Yuan, YiShan and Alex the Malex!)

I had such a great time with all those people. Its really all about the people you hang out with. Who cares if we got bitten half to death by mosquitoes which could be carrying Aedes virus. As long as we have each other. Awww.... Damn mushy...

Dear friend,

Happy 20th Birthday once again :)



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