Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cbox replies

I personally dont like my cbox.

Its small and only lets me type out a limited number of words. Which is like totally not enough cause i yak alot. apparently. haha.

Was contemplating on removing it, but then i know nobody will be bothered to leave any comments on THE REAL COMMENTS PAGE. Which I dont get why.... hmmmm....

Anyways! On to the replies!

Esther -> I love that pic too! I think its the only pic i hav with Denise and her awesome finger. lol.

Adrian -> Thanks for praying for me! God the papers were tough.. Hope I pass all of my papers!

Jonlim-> First and foremost. I have a huge thigh ok when comapred to the other parts of the body. Ok fine. It might not be huge, but its not toned. It feels like a lump of fats. And karmern is skinnier than me!

Vincent-> Thanks for the support! It helped ;)

Hema.lv -> Wahhh lauuuuu..... You only come back like once every half a year! You expect me to not shop for half a year!?!?! Thats like TORTURE man! How could you even have such a thought!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? ish.....

Karmern -> I wasnt thinkin of you! At least not then. But now that you've mentioned it... You are kinda SHORT. haha.

d.kokokgai -> Yea i've been reading.. Think just because Im stuck in Kedah i wouldve forgotten how to use the internet? lol. Yea he's a good looking dude :) But i think he's taken. haha.

aikmunlar -> Care to clear things up bout the mysterious woman in ur life now? haha. Didnt depart from Aimst to Queensbay. Went to a fren's house first then only to Penang =)

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