Friday, January 29, 2016

Phnom Penh 2014 (Day 3 & 4)

19 January 2014 (Sunday)

Picking off from my last entry which was eons ago... hahaha

Breakfast was at our favourite local coffee shop - 126 Restaurant
Can't remember what I ordered but the meal was delicious as per usual!
It was super packed with locals till we had to share our table with strangers. But all is good cause the food was superb!

Local iced tea

After breakfast, I went back to the hotel to continue my beauty sleep whilst Mong went for a friendly frisbee pickup in town, followed by a beer drinking session in the late afternoon.

So many angmohs in Phnom Penh! 

Truth be told, the whole day just flew past! I don't remember doing anything significant other than watching tv and sleeping. Aahh.. How i miss such carefree life T.T

Dinner at Pink Elephant Pub.
Another place serving the infamous 'Happy Pizza'. This one got a SUPPER some more in front of Happy Pizza, guaranteed to make you SUPPER happy by the end of the meal!

Happy Mango shake and fresh coconut (USD 1)

Spaghetti Ala Creamy Scampi (USD 5)

Happy Pizza - Medium (USD 7)

20 January 2014 (Monday)

No prizes for guessing where we had our breakfast on the last day of our holiday =D
126 Restaurant!

After breakfast, we made a trip to Tuol Tom Poung Market, also known as Russian Market due to the predominant Russian expat population that shopped here back in the 1980s.
This is the place to shop for souvenirs and random household utility items. There's also a foodcourt in the centre of the market selling local delicacies.

Cambodian Yue Char Kwai (USD 1) sold outside the market

Strolling around Phnom Penh Waterfront.
It was a really windy day!

Some random photos of our hotel.

Brunch on the patio!

Don't know whats with us and markets today -.-' 
Visited another market nearby our hotel before having out last meal in Phnom Penh at On The Corner Restaurant & Cafe

Drink all the Mango shakes!

Phnom Penh, you have been an amazing place to visit albeit small. 
Hoping to visit this place again in another few years to see the progress of this nation.