Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011!

Oh the joy of stepping into a new year!

I've always love celebrating occasions as festive as this! Sad to say, as we grow older, other priorities take focus and celebrations took a backseat on our journey called Life.

Cheng Foong making me Cold Udon with Miso soup as a side! What a good way to start off new year's eve by having such a tasty free lunch!

So simple yet so delicious! And you guys wonder why i like Jap food so much.

3 days ago, I bought a one way ticket back to SP 4 days before my semester break ends, just to catch up on my reading (which totally failed btw fml), sacrificing any New Year's Eve celebration with the family and friends! I didn't really mind it at first cause hey, there's always next year right? Plus, i'm just really really lazyyyy... But as New Year inches closer, i simply couldn't bear the thought of lazing around the house doing nothing when everyone else is out having fun! So a few sms later (which literally took 5 mins), dinner was on.

The infamous 'Mae Salong', the Thai restaurant which everybody who is anybody is raving about.

Li Ying's attempt to demonstrate how she can fit the entire fish into her mouth. haha.

On a side note, super hate the chairs, so uncomfortable! And it tells alot when i say that the chair bench can only fit half my butt! =/

Mae Salong is famous for its well sculpted landscape, so pictures are obligatory!

Pretty stairs.

Pretty bench.

Pretty wheel thingy.

Pretty fountain.

Pretty swing.

Omg i sound so bimbo. hahaha.
Must.... resist.... urge.... to call everything pretty.

I think i heard one of the branches snap when we attempted to swing ourselves - you know, to relive childhood memories. Epic fail =/

We girls then headed to Summer Pearl (because we all know how much i like pearl drinks).

Followed by an unexpected trip to the 'pasar' near the clock tower. Bought a few random items like:

1) Wall stickers! I bought one which has the World Map on it with plans to stick it at our blm dining hall so we can all brush up on our Geography skills every now and then! Why am i so thoughtful someone reward me nao!

2) Really really REALLY cute soft toys for a price of only RM15 for both! So uber cute i can't believe they were selling it for such a low price! Plus one of it is the size of both my thighs combined!

Anyways, just to recap. New Year's Eve was awesome! Never thought that i will have so much fun going out on random outings like this! But i believe its the company that matters cause. well anyone with an IQ of more than 60 would be able to figure it out. haha.

Before i end it for the night, i would like to leave you all with a picture of me jumping yi shan! Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Missing It

Relaxing at the beach after a tiring day of Community Medicine at Tanjung Dawai.

I hate that i don't have a camera to carry around and take pretty/interesting/random pictures :(

My trusty CANON IX S55 of 7 years finally died on me. Its only a 5.0 Megapixel cam but it has served me well over the past few years. I'm so sorry that i've never fully appreciated you until today ='( Answers why i don't have 1 million pictures flooding this blog or my fb anymore. 난 당신이 그리워요


Still searching for a new cam to replace it but can't seem to find the time to do research. Not to mention i've a patience level of close to zero when it comes to electronic gadgets. Totally hate reading up on specs and the sorts for any electronic stuffs cause they just gives me a terrible headache. I couldn't even be bothered to look for a new hp after my old one died (battery problems again and major system failure) so i ended up taking my dad's old Sony Ericsson W850i.

I hope i will find the determination to go out and buy one before Christmas. If not, i won't be able to take lots of pretty pictures of my family and friends (and of course myself ahem) :(

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hello everyone :)

Wow. It has been truly a long long loooooong time since i last touched this blog. Not like i didnt want to (ahem), but it was more because of the lack of time and means. I have been separated from the cyber world for so long till that thinking about it just makes me shiver.

Anyways, to cut a long story short, I have moved out of campus and am currently staying in a 2 story and a half house with a couple of my batchmates and im loving it =) *cue mickey d's theme song

Third year has been super tiring and super hectic that all i want to do everyday after class is to curl into a giant ball and roll off to sleep (Pun not intended).

That is why i'll stop writing now so i can get some sleep done. Have a half day class in the hospital tomorrow on a frickin Sunday. A friggin Sunday. Sighh...

Goodbye and goodnight.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No Internet No Life


Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Day I Did The Stupidest Thing Ever

I actually am in no mood to blog at all, being hysterically shaken just a mere 30 minutes ago.

But i'm forcing myself to record the details of what had happened tonight to remind myself (and to others) of one's own stupidity.

What happened may seem like a small matter to some people. But for me, being the person who had experienced it, well, lets just say that i'm not taking it lightly at all.

I always thought of myself as a smart person. I might not be in the Honors roll at my university (or even during my high school years), but i pride myself as being someone who is independent and street smart. I always THINK i know what's right and what's best, and i act coherently with my thoughts. My parents always tell me that my biggest flaw is always thinking that i'm smarter than anyone else. And to some extent, it's true. I admit that.

Like for example when my parents told me to stay away from places like Snooker centers cause bad people hang around there, i went anyway with my friends (of course after getting their permission). Cause to me the place didn't seem that bad and my friends have all been there. Plus it was 'Cool'.

Or when they said don't go clubbing (for obvious reasons), i reasoned with them that:
1) my friends have all been there
2) as long as im careful, nothing will happen
3) im old enough
4) going with big group of friends
5) etc etc


This was what happened today:

I went to CS (local shopping mall) to get some errands done. Wanted to pick up my necklace which i sent for cleaning, get some new stationary, and to buy Mcd (just because i was craving for it).

It was about 8pm when i reached the place. Being a cheapo, i decided to NOT park in the shopping mall's carpark to save a measly RM1. So i rounded the area, and finally found a place to park. It was in front of this one deserted looking house in the housing area behind the mall.

Though the place is right behind the mall (albeit having to walk quite a distance), it has to be one of the dodgiest place i've ever been to. NO STREET LAMPS, and the roads were narrow. It looks unkept with all the stray grasses growing as tall as my knee and there was all these stray cats and dogs roaming around. If that wasn't enough, i saw a few suspicious looking men walking about the streets.

But me, acting smart and shit, thought that it would be fine and decided that it wasn't as bad as it looks. So i hopped out of the car, and began walking to the mall.

After about an hour or so, the mall was closing, so i began my walk back to my car.

This was when my worst nightmare came to life.
As i was walking along the dimly lighted street, i noticed two malay (maybe indian) men walking behind me. So ok, i just up-ed my guard and continued walking. Somehow the men started to walk faster and as i turned around, i saw them staring straight at me whilst talking to themselves. So i started to freak out abit. I quickened my pace only to see a malay man on a motorcycle sitting right next to my car. The guy was just, sitting there. At the sides of the dead street. At 10pm.

Oh and did i mention, as i was walking, there was this motorcyclist with this ridiculously tall mohawk, who kept wolf-whistling at me. And i saw this fella more than thrice! It's as if he was riding in circles cause i keep seeing him riding on the opposite lane, over and over again.

So when you sum all of that together, it was just terrifying! I immediately dashed to the opposite lane and practically ran back to the mall!

I waited a couple of minutes before trying to get to my car again. And the same thing happened, with the same guys! It was already pretty late, and i didn't want to drag the time because the crowd was getting lesser and lesser by the minute.

Scared shitless, i called yi shan, and she told me to buy an umbrella at the 24hours 7-11 outside the mall. I was dumbfounded. Why on earth would she want me to buy a friggin umbrella at a time like this???? So i asked her why and she replied "obviously it's to whack the idiots if they try to do anything funny".

But i wanted a second opinion so i called Alex and he gave me a bunch of suggestions. As i was talking to him i saw this mid thirties woman walking down the same street with a huge umbrella so i ran after her and walked right behind her all the way till i reached the road where i parked my car. The man on the motorcycle was STILL there, the 2 dodgy men was STILL hanging about at the opposite side of the road, and that mohawk guy, was STILL zooming past me every 2 minutes.

The couple of seconds later was just a blur as i felt the adrenaline pumping through my veins. Its either now or never.




Thinking i was safe, i looked at my side mirror and saw the 2 dodgy men practically running towards me!

I let out a little scream and frantically tried to start my car! But i just couldn't get my key into the hole because it was too dark and i couldn't see the hole! So i kept jabbing the keys around that area over and over again and thank you lord! i managed to find it, start my car, and sped off!

My heart was pounding against my chest as i tried to gasp for air. It was insane and terrifying. I turned the air-con up full blast because i just feel so hot and out of air.

So many things could have happened! Robbery was one thing. But what if it was more than that?!

All this happened just because i wanted to save 1 lousy buck and because i tried acting 'smart'.

I really thank god that nothing happened. That i escaped unscathed and fine. Though i have no physical injury, the scar in my mind will be here to stay. I will never in my life forget this nightmare, and i will learn to lower my ego and heed advices given by others.

So just as a reminder to all you ladies, and men out there, please please please, don't ever get yourself into my position. Remember, safety always come first!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Life is full of wonderful surprises.

It really is :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010



I know. But blame it on exams.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Lets Dance To This Song! hey!

SP's weather is CRAZIEEEEE!! One moment its as hot as hell, the next, its raining like nobody's business. 5 hours straight! And no sign of stopping anytime soon! But i'm not complaining. Super cooling effect. Feels like Cameron Frasers XD

For those with aircon, you wont understand the suffering i'm going through. And no. I don't appreciate paddy jokes anymore -.-

Random mountain. Meh.


I just found a stack of old photos which i have totally forgotten about! I miss my ex housemates super alot! T_T

We used to do crazy shit things like making up super 18sx Raya songs XD
Lots of "buka kaki s" in the song. hahah! XD


I have been missing shopping so much too! T___T


Don't get me wrong, i'm not like that whatshername in Confessions of A Shopaholic. But all women needs their weekly shopping! Its therapeutic. Else we would be, like men. hmmm..

TOPSHOP, MANGO and MISS SELFRIDGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Being a Girl

As blessed as i am to have blemish and pimple free skin, my mum still thinks it is absolutely essential for me to have a facial at least, like once in a lifetime. My sister had gone for close to 20 over facials, whilst i have gone for zero. I never found the need to make an appointment as I have always believed that proper self care will suffice.

But my mum persuaded me to go for a try, and since i've got nothing to lose, i did.

Soothing cup of Chamomile tea while waiting for the lady to get the room prepared.

Waiting lounge.

The facial is suppose to last for about an hour or so. Sounds long but when you are in the room, surrounded with nice smelling scents and having your face being massaged, the time just somehow slipped by very quickly.

Having my face lathered in some cream which BURNS. Supposedly it was to unclog my pores or something. Whatever it is, this was the painful part (oh the blackheads popping were pretty painful too =.=)

My sister kept telling me "Jie can you stop complaining anot. ITS A NORMAL REACTION. Now chill and let me sleep." Sorry la but it was really burning. =.=

Post facial treatment.

After the whole procedure was complete, it was time for noms! The family and I headed over to Sakae Sushi in Subang Parade for like the 32809234 times that week for dinner.

Since you all have meet Mother Lee, now meet Father Wong.


Pale pink top: SEED
Black layered lace shorts: Stockist
Grey studded bag: Stockist
Black holey shoes: Tesco

A relaxing and enjoyable day. Love it!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I just got back from a triple birthday celebration at a friend's house in Penang. Mad awesome party! But that is not why i'm blogging today.

No my friends, today, i am blogging, because.

I got complimented about my blog today :) That and the fact that i found out my batchmates actually read my blog. I never knew anyone from my class would actually read my blog, let alone stumble onto it. The known readers from my class amounts to 3 people. Out of the 130 students in my class, only 3 people reads me. That's a pathetic 2.3%.

But i guess i should do a new statistic :)


Anyways yes, because of that, dengan bersemangatnya, i shall write a post today.

So lets travel a couple of decades weeks ago, when i was still on my sem break.

I went out with Kaysim to Pyramid for lunch. Initially we wanted to catch a movie together. But i can't remember why we canceled it later =.=

Plain turqoise tee: Forever 21
Faded green shorts: Scarlet
Tiered brass necklace: Stockist
Brown ribbed shoulder bag: Steffano
Black holey shoes: Tesco

We went to Snowflakes which is located in Asian Avenue. We both wanted to try something new cause we were damn sick of going to the same old food joints (sakae sushi was one in particular). I would say its just alright. Quite bland really. So i won't recommend coming here.

Note the side parting of my hair! I switched my parting to the other side and unfortunately for me, it looks so crappy!!!! My fringe looks as flat as an ironing board! argh!


PS: I DROVE. yeah~~

On a separate occasion, me and my mum thought it would be nice for us girls to go for an all girl shopping spree! We dined like a king and gossiped like all women do!

I insisted on driving :) And reluctantly my mum agreed cause she feels that i'm that lousy of a driver when in reality, i think i drive quite alright.

We headed over to IOI mall which is actually much near to my house compared to Pyramid. Eh i didn't know that had an extension so i was quite surprised when i saw a movie theater there! Thank god for modernization!

Anyways, first thing on my list was food cause i was dead hungry! So BBQ Plaza it is!

It was my first time dining there and i'm glad to say, unlike Snowflakes, this place is actually pretty good! Nice ambiance and the food was delicious (at least to me it was)!

The good thing about this place is that you can BBQ and do steamboatin at the same time! Yah i know that you can find this kind of restaurants spread all over Malaysia but this place is different! The place is CLEANNNNNN and its not crazily jam packed with human beings PLUS its AIR CONDITIONED!

Say hello to aunty Agnes y'all!

After nomming till i bellies can stretch no more, we went shopping like duh! I bought my Court shoes from Larries and so did my mum. So it was a happy day for both of us :)

Oh ya, we accidentally left our Jusco buns at the kuih bahulu store! By the time we remembered bout the buns, it was half past midnight :( FOL la. But what to do, what is done, is done :(

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Studio + Jon's HOT friend

During my short sem break a few weeks ago, Jon invited me to listen to the remastered version of his band's track in the studio. He picked me from my house and we were off to Lim Kok Wing Cyberjaya :)

His campus was nice. So artsy fartsy with murals aplenty and loads of abstract statues, like The Big Silver Ball.

Apparently, Lim Kok Wing has many homegrown brands, like their infamous coffee shop which name i cannot remember. And not to mention the music CDs that are sold in record shops across Malaysia. So kudos to those who made it happen!

The Walk of Fame. Nuff said.

Told ya the place was full or artistic murals. This hall is apparently the sound hall or something like that. Music or sounds which are played here will be heard with a much better quality or something of the sorts. I don't know. Not my field of expertise =.="

I dunno what is the thing behind me also. Probably some art piece someone did and had no place to store it.

Geometric silk dress: Nichii
Pale pink cardigan: Cotton On
Studded Grey bag: Supplier
Holey-moley flats: Giant

This poster was suppose to memupuk semangat perpaduan. But according to Jon, all those people are just acting for the cameras only. They hardly talk to each other in real life. hmm..

After listening to the song in the studio, we went to the nearby Old Town to have a late lunch with a few of Jon's uni friends.

(Jon your friend Robin is very very hot but please don't tell him what i said cause i still want to be able to look him in the face next time i see him T__T. But seriously he is damn cute max. Half Dutch and half Malaysian rite?)

After about an hour or two, me and Jon headed to Jon's hostel for him to pick up a few stuffs. and to facebook. Major T_____T

The initial plan was to drop by for 5 mins, but we ended up leaving after 20 mins =.=

Anyways, it was a good day! Saw lots of new things, and met knew people. Wish my life was more adventurous as this on a daily basis.

cheers! :)