Monday, August 31, 2009

Its been a long time.


Yes i got smacked by my dad right after that stunt.

Apparently the camera was more important to him than my head being smashed to the point of no recognition by a metal signboard or something like that.

Way to make me inferior to my camera dad.

"Work the camera! work the camera!". Im sexy like that.

BUT anyways, IM BACK from Sarawak! Healthy and alive and not even the tingiest fatter though i was practically stuffing my face with food, food, and yes you've got it right. More food. Makes you wonder huh.

Vester's brother. Or sister. in my grandma's house. I didnt get a chance to find out the sex. Gotta respect a dog's genitals!

Vester's my dog by the way. The handsomest dog you'll see in the whole of USJ 20 neighbourhood. I checked. Twice.

I have a picture of him somewhere on my laptop. But. Unorganized files and pictures. You get the point (have to do something bout that. hmm..) But to give you a rough visual presentation, you can refer to the picture above. They look identical. Except for the fur's color. Mine's sandy brown. Nice :D


I just love going back to Sarawak!

Know why?

Inflight food! Awesome la. I dont know why people always complain about aeroplane food. They're delish!

And its also the birthplace of SUGARBUN!

Sugarbun is a fastfood chain in Sarawak. You can see it in practically every city in Sarawak.

They serve traditional burgers, hotdogs, fries, fried chicken. Like those typical fast food outlet in Malaysia and elsewhere.

HOWEVER what makes it stand out is the fact that they sell Bolognese Spagetthi, Chicken Rendang, Fish Head curry, Prawn mee (or some type of mee. Cant remember), Teh Si Peng, 3 Layered tea, Dog genitals. Ok, i was just kidding bout em genitals. But bottom line is, they sell EVERYTHING and ANYTHING at an affordable price.

But its only famous in Sarawak. God only knows why. No where else in Malaysia can you see this Sugarbun outlet. There was one time it opened in Taipan. Oh yes. It did. I saw it with my very own eyes. But 2 months later. *poof* WHY???! *sigh

*TO BE CONTINUED cause i just got too damn lazy to write anything else.

Monday, August 24, 2009

S to the Arawak

Greetings from Sarikei, probably one of the smallest districts in all of Sarawak.
Will be back on Thursday! Dont forget our Redbox session on Friday!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Guess Who's Back. Back Again.

Yeap, im back from my Sabah trip with my fellow coursemates. 10 of us to be exact. Plus one Pharmacy friend who is a resident of Sabah, whom was more than happy enough to chaffeur us around Sabah, bringing us to many 'interesting' and EXOTIC places.

But lets not dwell on the details till the next few posts =)

It has been truly a wonderful holiday for me, growing closer to friends and experiencing new things and seeing the diversed culture Malaysia has to offer. Not to mention relaxing my ass off for the first time in months.

What awaits me back home, however, was nothing but mountains and mountains of WORK WORK WORK.

Theres so much things that has to be done that its obscene.

16kgs of workload. And people thought this job is easy.

Picture was taken after i cleared half of the items.


But then again, there are perks to having a shoe business (now expanding into clothes and bags) :D

My pixie shoes! Or brogues. Whichever.

Hema have heard me raving over this shoe during our little karaoke session at Redbox yesterday! All throughout lunch and well, basically the whole day. Kaysim is tone deaf and he's a guy so he's practically immune to shoe talk and Shee Wuee was sick, and sleepy throughout cause of the medications, so hema played victim to my shoe parade!

I absolutely love this pair! Its gorgeous and so cute and so so.. PIXIE like. Im thinking of getting it in light pink. =) =) =) =) =) Comfortable to boot. I can predict myself wearing this pair all throughout my clinical years.

My Mermaid Shoes!

Mermaid cause the cloth actually has a scaly print on it. Like a mermaid's tail! Dirty green in color and shiny! Most importantly, its practical and comfortable! Walking around campus in these will be such a breeze :)

My Colorful Beach Flats!
Perfect for going to the beach, or walking around in bazaars and pasar (yes we still have to look good even when we're haggling prices for fish). Uber love!

This is my second pair. Cause the first pair was shamelessly dragged around Sabah for a week, through rain and shine, through mud and sand, through hiking up Mount Kinabalu (i forgot to bring my sports shoes. No scratch that. I was just lazy to carry an extra 800g). Well to cut things short, it was worn to hell and back again. The poor thing has no chance of survival. Uhuk uhuk.

Ah wells. Never too late to buy a new one! :D

My Crazy Bollywood Heels!

Someone told me this pair resembles a Bollywood movie cause its so colorful and bright and exotic? haha. So Bollywood it is. Useful when i want to mix and match colorful pieces of clothes together.

But enough about that. Now on to business.

The following are customers shoes.

And soon to be Christine's as i've just ordered another few pairs of them for myself from the supplier XD

This shoe is a huge hit among customers. I can understand why. Its different and unique and so so so so so so so so so so comfortable till my mum wanted me to get her a pair @.@

Thick heels for optimum comfort. Gives a hint power as well. Cause thick heels means painful toes to anyone who tries to diss the wearer.

Im getting a pair for myself. Do i even need to explain why :)

Matches a military jacket or anything military actually. Cause of the gold studs at the side. Also nice when paired with work clothes cause its considered a formal type of shoe.

Another huge hit with the customers as well. Im getting one for myself too :) Perhaps. Let me go count how many shoes i have first =s

Balmain inspired shoes! They are on the rage right now! Get them now if you havent!

Wedges are a must. You know that right? =)

Oh im dying to get a pair of these for myself! They're gorgeous! (Dont ask whats up with me and pointed flats. Its a phase. I'll get over it soon. I hope.)

Finally after 3 excrutiating days, I finally finished unwrapping, sorting, buying the brown wrapping paper and relevant items needed, packaging, writting the address on the package, writing the address AGAIN on the poslaju slip, triple checking them, bringing it to the post office (which is such a hassle. Can you imagine carrying 30 over pairs of shoes and 20 over clothes and 3 bags!? Yes, i counted them.)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009



I thought, once i finished my finals, i would have ample of time to blog about anything under the sun (and moon. and stars. and clouds.)

But now that exams are done and over with, i cant seem to muster up any sense of self discipline to blog, or to update the business, or to do my style shots.

God why am i born with such lazy genes.


Assymetrical Top: Stockist
Green shorts (u cant see it unless i ungracefully started waving my arms like a mad woman high on RM1.79 Tesco Callifornia Rolls): ChicAvenue
Shoes: Angelika
Brown bracelet?: CS


Yesterday yesterday (which was on Tuesday), we went to Penang for another round of celebrations! Now you no i cant say no to that eventhough i have to endure a 2 hour long journey via public transport
(no we dont have a car. and no. i havent gotten my license yet so back off! Else the h1n1 monster will come and get you. roar.)

The assasination of lifeless humans who tries to make fun of my licenseless state of self.
I call myself. NinwakkacheeseChrisja.
i know it makes no sense. So?

Many love stories started unfolding during the ferry ride. *gives suspicious eye to Alex and YiShan*

So anyways, as you can see, most of the pictures are on the top of the post. Reason is i uploaded all the pictures yesterday yesterday night and just got too lazy to finish the post. So i figured i'll be free the next day so i'll just do it yesterday. As you can probably tell already, that clearly didnt happen.

I think you guys are smart enough to figure out where we went, what we did and what we ate right? So yea. Thats about it ;) Had a brilliant time! And we only spent about RM60 for the whole trip, which includes food, entertainment, transport, etc etc. Budget spender =)

I'll be on hiatus starting tomorrow as i will be in Penang for 2 nights pending flight to Sabah on Monday. Try not to miss me too much ya (whoever you are). The moment i touch down in LCCT, im all yours for the taking cow.

P/S. I PASSED ALL MY PAPERS FOR MBBS YEAR 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One step closer to being a doctor! =)