Monday, June 30, 2008


Went yoga-ing today. Im not a follower of yoga. Its a painful style of relaxation.

I started my yoga-ing session today at the ADVANCE YOGA CLASS. There werent intermediate classes today. They cancelled it last minute. Damn them!! But i thought, "heh.. Wat the heck rite. How much a difference can there be?"

Fuuk. I died in that class.

After the class was over, seeing that I have lotsa time to splurge, I went to test try True Fitness's Bikram Hot Yoga. Never tried it before. So wat the heck rite?

The rooms are hot! They werent joking about the HOT part. Havent enter also feel so damn HOT. LOL.

Haihz. But chickened out in the end. Too hot for me to handle. Dont dare compete with all the ah-mas and ah-peks strutting their hotness there. hahaha.. Theres only so much HOTNESS a person can handle. ahahahahaha...

So, I decided to go around True Fitness and snap pics.

There are seriously banyak mirrors there =) BANYAK.

EH! Underage boys close your eyes! Dun be a perv.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ze Loo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~Ze Changing Cubicle (I wasnt changing perv. Saja..=)~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ze Big Ass Mirror~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ze Lockers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ze Signboard~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So, at the end of the night, this is the result of yoga-ing.

I Am Quite the Malaysian. Dammit.

Congratulations Christine Wong Yii Ning, you are 48% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Michelle Yeoh!

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A-Z of the Ex-bf. (So damn farkin true)

I saw this piece at a fren's blog. Tell me which part is not true.. hahahaha..

A is for Always checkin out other girls!
B is for Bullshit, which is what he was full of.
C is for the Commitment that was never there.
D is for the Damn bad luck I have in dating.
E is for his Ego, which is bigger than a hot air balloon.
F is for Faithful, as long as there wasn't something or someone better to do.
G is for GOD the one he thought he was and wanted to be worshipped as.
H is for laughter, the last sound he heard from me as I was walking out the door.
I is for Insensitive, which is what he is
J is for Jugular vein, the one I'd love to slice!
K is for Key, the one that made the lovely designs on his truck!
L is for LOSER. Enough said..

M is for Man, something he was NOT
N is for the Narcotics. He drove me past alcohol.
O is for his Obvious cheating he though he hid!
P is for Paybacks. Remember they are HELL!
Q is for queer. I sometimes wonder if he is.
R is for the hopeless romantic he said he was. He was half right. He was hopeless, not to mention worthless.
S is for the Sugar they found in his gas tank.
T is for typical. Typical little boy pretending to be a man.
U is also for the Ugly girl he is dating now.
V is for the Voodoo doll I'd like to make of him....pins included of course.
W is for What the hell I was thinkin
X is what he is to me now!!!
Y is for Your warning...beware of my ex!
Z is for the Zoloft that I had to start taking.

p/s Not poking anyones button la. Dun perasan... haha..
So what if I am a nerd. U will die r?

The Penang Trip

Hehehe... Will be going off to penang with a few buds this Sunday. Going there for 4 days 3 nights.

Bus fares: RM 60 (to and fro)

Accomodation: RM 100 (for 3 nights + breakfast)

Total expenses for traveling and hotel: RM 160 ONLY

Now this RM 160 figure has been shocking everyone. I know i know. Its dirt stinkingly cheap. Dont worry.. No one was prostituted to get these rooms at such a cheap rate.. hahahaha... Let me show why its that blady cheap.. Prepare to be AMAZED!

Ze rooms are quite pathetic.. XP Doubt we will even use the room. Its all about the night life babeh!

*applause for the brilliant chimp, bunny and cow for scoring incredibly cheap rooms in georgetown!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Word of Wisdom

Jonathan was dropping us home after the pooling session. In the car, Karmern and Kaysim and Wilson started talking bout love and bfs and gfs. Me and Jojo didnt hear cause we were sitting in front. So.. yea.. Talk talk talk. A few seconds after that, me and Jojo finally understood what they were talking about.

I only have one thing to say about Love. If someone's heart is meant for you, it will be waiting for you. So, dont need to go looking for one. It will come naturally.

Haha. I must learn to follow what I preach as well. Of course everyone wants a special guy or girl to be with them. To be by their side. To love and to hold. Someone you can tell everything to. Someone you trust. But its really not worth breaking your heart for someone you dont truely like lo. Dont force yourself into a relationship. Seriously.

=) I sound so wise today. Must be all those smoke.

Pool.. Or was it Snooker?

I thought I would be rotting at home watching some sappy show on tv tonight. However, someone smsed me this evening (err... sori ya.. who was it again? Ur number not in my contact list ler..).

He/She asked: So u goin anot tonite?

Monolog: Errr.. Wats goin on tonite?

*momentary pause*

Me: Whats goin on tonite?

*more pause...*

He/She: The dinner at Asia Cafe.

Monolog: Did i promise to go Asia Cafe? Har?? Asia Cafe? Huhh?? blur jor @.@

*thinks hard..*

Monolog: Nothing.

*thinks harder.. Think.. Think.. THINK...*

Monolog: Oh yaaaa horrrr! Jonathan and Karmern told me before..! Chewwwww! Make me think so hard..

Me: (Did not reply. Soori.. haha)


Anyhoos.. I got ready to go lor.. Wore my orange Tee n shorts. Jonathan came and picked me chun chun 8.45pm. As promised. Geng. haha.. What was surprising was, he wasnt the only one there. Wilson was there. So was Kevin and Kaysim. So. 4 guys and a girl. haha. Dun wori. 2 more girls joined later.. Along with another 2 guys. haha. So imbalanced. hahaha.. Those 4 were standing outside the car. Dont know for what.. haha.. Maybe its to welcome the PRINCESS. =) Uiseh. PRINCESS ler.. PRINCESS CHRISTINE. UISEH! POWER!

hahaha.. Ok ok..Brush that thought out of my mind. Now to a more serious matter. Dr. Wong or Dr. Kwan? Seriously. Which one sounds cooler?? Mine right!!!! Dr. Wong sounds more chunted rite!!??? Rite!? Kevin! Mine sounds nicer laaaa!!!!

*Make mental note. Must get driving lisence.*

Swung by Kevin's house. He drove his own car. Kay Sim followed. Then went and picked Mei Xin.

Reached Asia Cafe.

OMG. Today was soooo embarassing... Blady.. Ok come. Let me tell you what happened. So we were all sitting down. Adrian Lim reached right after us. Then Adrian Calvin Cheong. The second last to arrive was Karmern. When she reached, there were no more chairs around our table, so me being the courteous girl that I am *blink blink* pulled a chair from the table behind me without asking. There was a couple sitting on that table. But I thought no one was sitting on that particular chair. So I main pull only. SHIT. That chair belonged to someone. DAMN DAMN DAMN. I swear to you, that aunty was staring at me like she was going to chop off my head. And you know what didnt help! Everyone was laughing. Except the aunty mind you. Damnit! Imagine 10 humans laughing at the same time. With the same deafening tone. Everyone was staring! My life is over!


Boo you all!

Keith came after that. Thank God I didnt do anything stupid like that again. Err... Scratch that. The embarassment is not over.

So chit chat until nobody business. Adrian Calvin's hair is longer than usual. hahahaha.. Talked bout the penang trip thing. Bout the rooms and how we gurls will make all the guys sleep on the floor. Muahahahahaha! Halfway eating, Keith got a splinter. Pity pity.. The wood came off. Sooner or later. haha.. Then embarassing moment number 2. I was too engrossed in telling a joke that I knocked my chopsticks off the bowl. The chopstick went flying. *fly fly fly* Piak. Landed on the ground. Its not something unusual rite. Dropping chopsticks happen. But dont know why this particular chopstick flying incident looks very funny to them. Damn them. I got picked on. BOO on u all again! Its not funny!!!

To balance off my embarassing-ness, Adrian Calvin spilt his air limau on his shirt! ahahaha!!


After makaning finish. Err.. After makaning halfway. (shit. People in Africa are dying..) Kk.. I know.. I tried my best ok!! We went and played pool. The pool area is above the cafe. But dang it. Must climb stairs. My legs are still aching from the badminton game. haihz...

So yea. Let me just show you the pics. I took only a few pics though.

Kay sim. U look like a ghost. *eeeksss..

Mei Xin like pro ni..

Adrian and Mei Xin. Adrian! I saw you touch that ball! Bad boy!! haha..

The other table. The "Big Boys" table.

Left around 12.30am. Sori ler Adrian C. Didnt take the pic that you wanted. I wanted a pic of all of us too. T.T But life goes on. Be strong Adrian. Uiseh. haha.. XP

Hancock is Hancock.

Guys get sooooo excited when they hear or talk about Hancock. Aiyoyoyo.... They have so many interpretations about it. Small kids.. HAHAHAHAHA...!

Its not:
  1. Hand on Cock

  2. Handsome Cock

  3. Han+Cock (Just because your name has a Han in it doesnt mean its referring to yours =.=")

  4. Huge Cock

  5. Humongous Cock

Do you see the trend. Everything oso got something to do with That. tsk tsk tsk.. haha..

Sori to burst u guys bubbles. The movie Hancock has nothing to do with That or anything near it.. HANCOCK = HANCOCK. There are no hidden meanings in them. hahahaha..! Ok ok.. Weyhhh.. U guys dont come kick me later! lol.

P.S. Please forgive my vulgarity. Couldnt resist.. =)

Fanatic Me


******** Feel the WRATH of PO ********

Aimst sick..

Believe it or not. I want to faster go back Aimst. I am bored to death with nothing to do. Yea I have a job now, but... haha.. Aimst Aimst.. Come back to me.. Im missing a few people there already. Espeacially all the CF people.. Denise! I miss u! Wuan Phing & Jamie! I miss u too!! and banyak banyak lagi people I miss... Damnit. Hols sucks.

I MISS (in random order):

  • Jamie
  • Wuan Phing
  • Denise
  • Claudia
  • Alex
  • Marlisa
  • Lisa
  • Susien
  • Winnie
  • Zi Yin
  • Audrey
  • Vincent
  • Maga
  • Chun Kit
  • Shing Ning
  • Gloria
  • Li Ying
  • Lisa Valentine
  • Cassandra
  • Devina
  • Kenneth
  • Tee Lun
  • Sonya
  • Ei Leen
  • Rupert
  • Han Yang

If I have missed out anyone.. Sorii... Know that you are in my heart.

Friday, June 27, 2008

My First WHORING Crime.

OMG. I was awakened by cow so earlyyyyy today...! Drag me go eat breakfast before badminton. Wahliu.. Barge into my house you know. Main buka saja my room door. I was still on the bed. In my pjs. Under my blanket. Still oin oin-ning. All of the sudden... "CHIIIIIMPPP!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!! SOO LATE D!!!" =.=' WTF. Its only 7.50am. What did I missed? An earthquake arr??

Zzzzzz... Guess what I did. Go back to sleep la of course! Siaw r. Make me wake up so early and expect me to just follow you go jiak. I put on some resistance. But.. Haihz.. Lost miserably in the end. Haihz. Damn pathetic la. Lost in my own house. After struggling for 10 mins, I finally surrendered. Go brush teeth then change.

Dragging my feet and yawning all the way to her car. Then saw Mr. Boobies Fanatic in the car. hahahaha.. aka Han Xin. Wah... Sit in the front seat some more. Thats my seat!! I only ride first class =p Shoo-ed him to the back seat. Not that tough as I expected. haha. *me am WINNER!*

Then we went to pick Dawn aka Bear from her house and then proceeded to Taipan for a makan-ing session. Why no one reminded me not to order a heavy breakfast set?? Dammit. Eat so full until feel like want to puke. And I havent even ate half of my noodles! haha... Nvm nvm. Lucky thing got MPSJ to help me clear up. Mr. Boobies. Thanks yea!

Then we rolled to 3K. Adrian, Noel and Kevin were already there. We were late. hahaha.. After all those efforts by cow to not make us late, we were still late. Thats payback for making me wake early dammit. muahahahaha..

Neways, badminton was fun. *deleting all memories of me playing the badminton guitar and running around with spirit fingers everytime I score a point* Play for a few hours. Then cow needed to fetch my sis, her sis, and a couple of people from school. My old school. SMK USJ 13.

The pride. NOT. U can actually see the scars of vandalism. Sad. Sad..

The humans outside the school

The white van is still there! Ohh how i miss the uncle who always gave me extra sugar in my drink =) I have such a sweet tooth back then. And it havent changed.. haha..

Hey! Those bus shades werent there last time I checked!

People who still needs to go through the sucky Malaysian study system. My pity is on you.

Neways, after being scammed a buck from my sister, cow sent us home. We were supposed to go out for a movie at around 6.30 liddat. Shee wuee was suppose to pick us and all. But after a few planning, han xin said he can send us there at around 4.40pm like dat. So being the very bored Christine I am, I said ok. I terribly regretted it after a few minutes. After some serious calculations, I discovered that I would only have an hour to sleep! Aaargghhhh! Dahlah not enough sleep this morning, after such an exhausting round of badminton, I only have an hour to sleep! haihz.... Regret regret.. So tired... *faints

I honestly dont know how I dragged myself to wake up at 4.30 but I did. Miraculously! Got changed. I decided to wear a simple grey Tee and my all time fav Giordano jeans! Han Xin came on time driving a Peageot.. err.. Peegeot? Dunno how to spell.. haha. Sori yea.. He is one scary driver. Picked cow from music class. Then pyramid lo.

Soooo... Went to get our movie tix for 'Wanted'. Seats were full jor! Only left Couple Seats. But nvm la. Extra 1 buck. So we took four Couple Seats. That being that, we wandered around pyramid. Went to Asian Avenue there. Then... geng geng geng. We stumbled upon the Whoring Stands. haha.. U know.. Those mini booths where you stand inside and take pictures of yourself. Many many pictures of yourself. haha..

Well, being the brilliant person that I am, I found a way to cheat the system. I took out my own 3.2 megapixel handphone cam n started snapping my own pics! For free! hehehehe... Lookie look..

Cute bo? hahahahahah!

Shee Wuee joined us a tad bit later. Overall, Wanted is a good show. Unexpected and full of surprises. Definately not those predictable movies with predictable story lines. Go watch it. haha..