Sunday, June 29, 2008

A-Z of the Ex-bf. (So damn farkin true)

I saw this piece at a fren's blog. Tell me which part is not true.. hahahaha..

A is for Always checkin out other girls!
B is for Bullshit, which is what he was full of.
C is for the Commitment that was never there.
D is for the Damn bad luck I have in dating.
E is for his Ego, which is bigger than a hot air balloon.
F is for Faithful, as long as there wasn't something or someone better to do.
G is for GOD the one he thought he was and wanted to be worshipped as.
H is for laughter, the last sound he heard from me as I was walking out the door.
I is for Insensitive, which is what he is
J is for Jugular vein, the one I'd love to slice!
K is for Key, the one that made the lovely designs on his truck!
L is for LOSER. Enough said..

M is for Man, something he was NOT
N is for the Narcotics. He drove me past alcohol.
O is for his Obvious cheating he though he hid!
P is for Paybacks. Remember they are HELL!
Q is for queer. I sometimes wonder if he is.
R is for the hopeless romantic he said he was. He was half right. He was hopeless, not to mention worthless.
S is for the Sugar they found in his gas tank.
T is for typical. Typical little boy pretending to be a man.
U is also for the Ugly girl he is dating now.
V is for the Voodoo doll I'd like to make of him....pins included of course.
W is for What the hell I was thinkin
X is what he is to me now!!!
Y is for Your warning...beware of my ex!
Z is for the Zoloft that I had to start taking.

p/s Not poking anyones button la. Dun perasan... haha..

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