Friday, June 27, 2008

My First WHORING Crime.

OMG. I was awakened by cow so earlyyyyy today...! Drag me go eat breakfast before badminton. Wahliu.. Barge into my house you know. Main buka saja my room door. I was still on the bed. In my pjs. Under my blanket. Still oin oin-ning. All of the sudden... "CHIIIIIMPPP!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!! SOO LATE D!!!" =.=' WTF. Its only 7.50am. What did I missed? An earthquake arr??

Zzzzzz... Guess what I did. Go back to sleep la of course! Siaw r. Make me wake up so early and expect me to just follow you go jiak. I put on some resistance. But.. Haihz.. Lost miserably in the end. Haihz. Damn pathetic la. Lost in my own house. After struggling for 10 mins, I finally surrendered. Go brush teeth then change.

Dragging my feet and yawning all the way to her car. Then saw Mr. Boobies Fanatic in the car. hahahaha.. aka Han Xin. Wah... Sit in the front seat some more. Thats my seat!! I only ride first class =p Shoo-ed him to the back seat. Not that tough as I expected. haha. *me am WINNER!*

Then we went to pick Dawn aka Bear from her house and then proceeded to Taipan for a makan-ing session. Why no one reminded me not to order a heavy breakfast set?? Dammit. Eat so full until feel like want to puke. And I havent even ate half of my noodles! haha... Nvm nvm. Lucky thing got MPSJ to help me clear up. Mr. Boobies. Thanks yea!

Then we rolled to 3K. Adrian, Noel and Kevin were already there. We were late. hahaha.. After all those efforts by cow to not make us late, we were still late. Thats payback for making me wake early dammit. muahahahaha..

Neways, badminton was fun. *deleting all memories of me playing the badminton guitar and running around with spirit fingers everytime I score a point* Play for a few hours. Then cow needed to fetch my sis, her sis, and a couple of people from school. My old school. SMK USJ 13.

The pride. NOT. U can actually see the scars of vandalism. Sad. Sad..

The humans outside the school

The white van is still there! Ohh how i miss the uncle who always gave me extra sugar in my drink =) I have such a sweet tooth back then. And it havent changed.. haha..

Hey! Those bus shades werent there last time I checked!

People who still needs to go through the sucky Malaysian study system. My pity is on you.

Neways, after being scammed a buck from my sister, cow sent us home. We were supposed to go out for a movie at around 6.30 liddat. Shee wuee was suppose to pick us and all. But after a few planning, han xin said he can send us there at around 4.40pm like dat. So being the very bored Christine I am, I said ok. I terribly regretted it after a few minutes. After some serious calculations, I discovered that I would only have an hour to sleep! Aaargghhhh! Dahlah not enough sleep this morning, after such an exhausting round of badminton, I only have an hour to sleep! haihz.... Regret regret.. So tired... *faints

I honestly dont know how I dragged myself to wake up at 4.30 but I did. Miraculously! Got changed. I decided to wear a simple grey Tee and my all time fav Giordano jeans! Han Xin came on time driving a Peageot.. err.. Peegeot? Dunno how to spell.. haha. Sori yea.. He is one scary driver. Picked cow from music class. Then pyramid lo.

Soooo... Went to get our movie tix for 'Wanted'. Seats were full jor! Only left Couple Seats. But nvm la. Extra 1 buck. So we took four Couple Seats. That being that, we wandered around pyramid. Went to Asian Avenue there. Then... geng geng geng. We stumbled upon the Whoring Stands. haha.. U know.. Those mini booths where you stand inside and take pictures of yourself. Many many pictures of yourself. haha..

Well, being the brilliant person that I am, I found a way to cheat the system. I took out my own 3.2 megapixel handphone cam n started snapping my own pics! For free! hehehehe... Lookie look..

Cute bo? hahahahahah!

Shee Wuee joined us a tad bit later. Overall, Wanted is a good show. Unexpected and full of surprises. Definately not those predictable movies with predictable story lines. Go watch it. haha..

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