Sunday, September 28, 2008

My trip to Pantai Utara hospital

No. My trip to the Pantai Utara hospital in Amanjaya is not for studying purposes. Haihz.

Just hours before, I was enjoying my arse off at Jason's/Kent's/Adrian's house in BLM. Barbequeing and steamboating with my fellow friends. Little did I know, few hours later..................

Haihz. So suai. FOOD POISONING.

I seriously thought it was just my stomach acting up cause I had devoured so much food in the last 3 hours. But after 15+ trips to the washroom, and 2 cases of vomiting, I figured something was really really wrong. I practically had no more energy to stand up. I tell you this, purging takes up alot of energy.

But even until then, I refused to go to the hospital. One night there is going to cost a bomb! Not to mention, I'll most probably be poked to death by syringes and needles. Luckily I have such strict friends (all soon-to-be-doctors ma. haha). They die die also want to send me go hospital. They called the warden and within a minute, they had the Aimst van ready, set to go. It was pretty quick. Salute!

The moment I reached the hospital, which was 2am by the way, I was immediately sent to the Emergency Room. The MO (medical officer) came and checked me up. Saying I was in serious condition, having lost alot of fluid. He said I was really really pale and that I had to be dripped. Yeap. DRIPPED. Which means I have to be poked. By a needle. A NEEDLE. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*cries continues

Guys back in KL, i know you know that I am effing scared of needle. Needles scare the shit out of me. I swear to God, i was squeezing my friend's arm and screaming like a mother in labour. It was soooooooooooooooooooo painful! @#&^$%*!

Think I'm lying? Look at the size of the tube! OUCCCHHHH!

Doctors are darn good liars I tell you. "Its not painful. Its not! Really. TRUST me. It wont hurt a bit." HELL YES IT DOES.

Now you would've figured that I'll be sleeping away, trying to regain my strenght. BUT. hahaha.


Me and Winnie

Me and Shing Ning

The tube thingy.

The glucose thingy which they pumped 4 pints into me.

Then it was off to the Ward for some much needed rest and recuperation.


Then.. zzzzzzzzzz.............


My breakfast.

I dont think the blood is suppose to flow out of my body =.="


Ron came to visit. Teman me for so long. Thanks! He is a darn nice guy. Bought magazine for me but refuse to take money from me. Make me feel so guilty. Somemore he drove to Aimst to take my clothes (cause I puked on my own pants when I was in the hospital), and my charger and my specs, and notes and many others! Somemore he will help me out of bed to drink water, help me move the movable table thingy so I can eat my lunch on it, etc etc..

Girls in Aimst, if interested, can come find me, I can give you his personal details :)


Kenneth and Yii Ping came and visit me after that. Kenneth helped me buy my bus ticket back to Kl on Monday. THANKS! Without you my dear cuzzie, I would be stranded here in Kedah for 9 days! He and Yii Ping both helped me with the insurance process and such. Tedious work for a sick person.

They accompanied me for about 2 hours there I think. Thanks really really much. I wouldve bore myself to death without you two =)


Met Andy also. Thanks for taking the time to walk to my ward to say hello and ask bout my condition. Thanks!


My tea break.

After eating, I went back to sleep again. zzzzzzzzzzz.


Just in time for dinner. hahaha. Talk about luck.


A giant lobster came to visit me. hahahahahahaha. Kla. Han Yang came to visit. But he was so red.......! Who ask you to play one whole day under the sun and not use sun block. Huo gai. muahahahahahaha XD!

Kla kla. He is really sweet also. Right after sending his friends back to campus, he came to find me d. I know he is tired after playing the whole day in the Carnival. So its really nice of him to come find me after such a tiring day.

He accompanied me the longest. From 7.30pm all the way till 11.30pm. 4 hours. Wow. So long r? Didnt even feel like 4 hours also. haha. Half of time is spent on him bitching bout his skin. hahahahahahaha. Like a girl ni. Dont worry.. Your skin will stop burning and return to your normal skin shade in a few days time and you wont grow those skin dots like on old people. HAHAHA!

He also accompanied me go walk around the hospital, which might I add, is so small! Walk for 5 minutes and thats it! zzzzzzzzzz. Thanks yea for the sweets!

So girls, want his number also can come find me. hahahaha.

9.00am (the next morning):

Gim Seah and Lisa came to visit! Yay!!!!!!! The two person who has camwhoring skills as good as mine. hahah!

p/s. I look like total crap so please dont get frightened. BOO!

Me and Lisa

Me and Gim Seah

I really look like crap in this picture. x.x But what the hell rite. I could be dead the next day. So take more pictures while I can!

Can see our old Aimst bulding outside! So worth the picture!

I was on the 2nd floor.

More Aimst in Amanjaya. Quite miss the place. Bugger.

Thanks Ron, for the magazine and for being such a big help to me.

Was discharged around 3pm like that. Kenneth brought me back to the hostel with Yii Ping. Was suppose to go to Village Mall to meet up with friends. But, nah... Too tired and there is like nothing interesting to do in Village Mall anyways.

So that my friends, is how I spent my first 3 days of my Raya holidays. Haihz.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Week

I think it has been around a week since I got back here, Kedah. Nothing much changed. Aimst is still the same. Central Square is still the same. Sungai Petani is still the same. Nothing changed also! But one thing is for sure, the Chinese population is rapidly increasing. Now at least I can spot 5 Chinese out of 15 people.

Anyhoos. First week into Medicine. Though its mostly introduction to medicine by lecturers, I'm so tired.... Sometimes I feel like im so bored till can die, but sometimes i feel like got so many things to do. haha. My mood swing today quite teruk also cause *aherm aherm. Us girls "monthly". But still can go badminton. I never learn my lesson. If I play during *aherm, sure will pain later. But.. I cant resist the pull to play badminton *smacks naughty hands.

So lets see.. Yet to be ragged. Hopefully there wont be any ragging *prays hard.. Found out that most of our lecturers are really really famous lecturers from India. Most of them have written books and have so many awards that its impossible to count them by hand. So yea, feel really lucky to have them. And the medical building is really cekap! Last time there were still parts under renovation, but now, its like, COMPLETE. The technology here is really really cekap.

Oh yea, and I got RE-acquainted with MR. Cadaver.

Met many old friends here. Those who are senior and those who are junior. Met new people too! But not from my own batch unfortunately. No chance to interact with them yet. Maybe during the ragging session =p


On Thursday night, after badminton again =p, me and my friends went to the tanglung festival hosted by the Dentistry students. It was fun to watch them light those big lanterns that float to the air. No pictures now cause didn't load the pictures into the comp. Next time. Definitely.


One last thing before I end, church buddies of mine celebrated my birthday, together with Alex's birthday! So sweeeet! They did it yesterday night in church. It was such a surprise and so full of thought. They had a cake ready and everything. They sang happy birthday with drums and guitars and pianos accompaniment with Claudia and the rest singing Happy Birthday over the mics. I lurve them to bits! There are too many of you there to mention so for those who are there, THANK YOU! It was really a joyous moment! Unfortunately didnt bring camera cause I seriously didnt expect it. But I have the picture of the cake in my handphone. See la when I have time to upload them into the lappie. hehe.

Speaking of birthday surprises, I want to thank my friends back home who too held a surprise birthday party for me a few days ago too! Love you guys soooooo much! And I miss allllllllll of you! Misses~

That reminds me of Yoyo and Toto for the surprise present! heheh. As promised, your identities are kept a secret. These two teamed up and sent me this really adorable soft toy through Poslaju all the way to my house. Luvs! And thanks for the really 'well' written card. haha. You two always make me laugh.

BTW, my birthday not over yet ok! Its on the 22nd of September! This Monday! hehehehehe.

Happy 19th Christine old chap~

Thursday, September 18, 2008


a QUICK UPDATE. My room got no internet connex which sucks. Seriously. Now using my friend's laptop to surf. So forgive me very short update.

Currently smelling a very unique aroma. Aroma De Khinzir is what my friend called it. haha. My room is the hottest room among the three rooms in my apartment. Burning inside.

Now preparing to go to the tanglung festival hosted by the Dentistry batch 3. Hope I have fun. haha.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dance World Studio

Last dance lesson. Pity I couldnt finish the whole course. Have to go back Kedah. So this is us, acting like a total jakun, after the other students went home.


Jakun time!

Ratings: 3/10 -For the freestyle class. This is of course, just my opinion. I feel the classes are really slow and abit martial-artsy. But if your into capoeira, this is so for you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hair Massacre

Went to cut my hair again! Thanks Mike, for the great discount :)

Feels abit shorter compared to last time. But its not bad. Have to wait a few days to 'break' into the hair. Lol!

Monday, September 8, 2008

My First Contacts

Tried on my first pair of contact lenses a few days ago.

Didn't manage to get it in. PAINFUL!!!!!!!! Maybe next time.

Offer Letter/ Acceptance Letter

Sorry for not telling earlier.

Dont know why they write my course in BM. Sounds not nice. Should write like this:

Course: Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS)

Like this baru nice to hear ;)

Leaving on the 15th of September *cries..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lumut 3rd Day (last day T.T)

Last day in Lumut. I'll let the pics do the talking :)

This is me after a 8 hours journey (thanks to the pitstops everywhere!)