Thursday, September 4, 2008

1st Day In Lumut

Based on the previous posts on Lumut, I'm guessing you've all thought I went there with a guy. All alone. Just me and him. Getting all chummy.

HAHA. What a thought!

No my friends. I went there with my family and my mum's colleague's family.

That guy you saw in the pic with me is Lim Zhe Choon. My mum's colleague son. Our friendship goes way way back. Known him for about, lets see... 8 years? Maybe more. Its not easy to find someone who knows you for so long. A year older than me and currently studying BIOTECHNOLOGY in Kampar (Sien huh in Kampar. Its worst than Aimst. Who asked you don't want to listen to me and go Aimst? Huo gai. hahahahaha =)

Its Merdeka Eve and here we are in Lumut. Stayed at Swiss Inn apartments. Its really big and cozy. Apartment perfect. Only problem I had was the FLIES! They were everywhere! When we first entered our apartment unit, there were literally hundreds of flies in our rooms! What happened next wasn't a good thing either. A FLY MASSACRE.
~May they rest in peace~


Me and my sis. I look. 3 sizes smaller. *gulps. LOL!

Holidays really gets me in the mood for jump shots! Hurrah!

Poor father. The Victim.


Who ever said we need wings to fly? ;)

This picture makes me look particularly thin (which I'm not. I am most definitely sure that I'm not thin but SLIM =). But check out my arm and leg abs.


Mindless cam whoring while waiting for the grown-ups to get ready.


I love the following shots the most.

Its kind off like a story :) Here I go.

Christine Productions proudly presents.....


1. OMFG! She slapped me!

2. You're gonna pay for this. Eat shit! AIYAKS @.@ Too late.


4. Well, if you cant beat 'em, JUMP! heheh!

5. Like children, like parents!


Dinner at HaiLam Village

Deep in talk with Zhe Choon.

I tried my first ever SEA SIPUT after being dared by him.

Surprisingly, it was quite yummy! I had 3!

*to be continued.... Luvs...

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