Sunday, October 19, 2008

Histology Practicals

Knowledge should be shared right? =)

This is what we are learning during Histology Lab Praticals.

Connective Tissues and Epithelia.

Damn alot to remember weyh...!

Thick skin - Comprising of 5 layers: Stratum Germinatum, Stratum Spinosum, Stratum Granulosun, Stratum Lucidum, Stratum Corneum

Forgotten what is this liao (DIE LA. How to do histo report if i dont know what the hell is this...)

Urinary Bladder - Transitional Epithelium

Esophogus upper - Non Keratanized Stratified Squamous Epithelium

Gall Bladder - Simple Columnar Epithelium

Kidney - Simple Squamous Epithelium & Cuboidal Duct

Skin - Simple Squamous Epithelium

Trachea - Cilliated Simple Columnar Epithelium

Gee... I hope its right *crosses fingers.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Truth be told, I can ROCK ANYTHING.

And you know it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Our 6 hour Karaoke Marathon (REDBOX ROX!)

First and foremost, HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN!!!!

I know its a wee bit early to be screaming out BOOs and TRICK or TREATs and hanging up ghostly figures round every corner, but Redbox has certainly surprised me by the amount of effort they put in as to liven up the horryfying holiday! Applause people!

But before i get into the details of the day, let me first tell you THE PLAN we had made (or at least the girls plans) for our little Penang trip to Gurney.


-> karaoke fun for 3 hours MAX.
-> help our dear room mate to buy the eye-blind-fold-thingy to help her sleep at night.
-> buy myself a new plastic handphone cover (cause the one I was using then pecah d T.T)
-> buy the 2 special coloring pencils for Histology report
-> study until die.

At the end of the day,


Useless piece of plan. All flush down the toilet nia.

You know why?

Because of the melodious, sultry, uber sexy voices of Adrian, Kelwin, and Super KayPoh Nerd Koh.

NOT! muahahahahahaha!

Its actually because of these little babies =)

Guesses anyone?

Hint hint:

Just add another RM10 per head to the bill, and get a Buffet Dinner + an extra 3 hour karaoke time! Its no surprise what happened next... hahaha.

We HEART Redbox!

Sometimes its so hard to be not from a Mandarin speaking background. All everybody wants to sing is Chinese songs. And me? I am forced to wait for my turn to sing me English tracks. Okla. Not forced also. After every 2 chinese songs, I'll jump my eng songs to the front =p Selfish hor me. haha! DOMINANCE babeh!

But there is one good thing about being a HALF (yea half!) banana though!

I get to hold the mike all to MYSELF. Yeap yeap! I dont have to share! =) teehee. Adrian and Evelyn and Kelwin will occasionally join me. hehe. Unless Im singing Mariah Carey's Through The Rain and Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love and Better in Time. Dont play play leh. I can reach the high notes ok! haha. Or at least thats what Adrian and Kelwin says. Maybe they just want to make me feel happy, or maybe I am ALL THAT TALENTED. Muahahahaha!

grrrr... haha!

Kelwin singing until so Shyiok. haha.

A beautiful shot. My legs look soooo looongggg. hahahaha.

It had been an AWESOME 6 hours. Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

Look at the rubbish us 6 people made. Tsk tsk. haha.

The last pose of the day =)

Reached hostel around 11.30pm. The Plan was so totally useless. haha.

Definately one thing is different from our last few trips to Penang, we had someone to drive us there!

So yea. Thanks Adrian!

K to the awazu!

Zzzzzz.... Its a Saturday today (in context to the post =p). Saturday also got class! *sighs. One hour class somemore. Wth? grrrrrrrrr.... haha.

Neways, the 5 of us went out for lunch today. Opted for something a wee bit more fancy cause.. well.. Saturday ma... We all know Saturdays and Sundays are like the Super Spending Days of the week. Hence Saturday and Sunday. hahaha. Get it? hahaha.

Seeing how Adrian is new to the foreign ulu land of Kedah, me being completely indesicive, and Shing Ning + Evelyn dont really go out to eat too often, we left the ultimate decision of choosing the place to eat to MR. ONG KOK KEONG. He suggested Japanese! Immediate reaction, "SUSHIIIIIII!!!!!!"

First we thought of Motomiya. Then the duno what buffet thingy in Auto city. Finally, deceided on Kawazu. Never been here before. Heard bout it, but never tried it. So today was my first!

The interior is kinda like the same in Motomiya. Nothing special there.

Our quaint little room =)

Adrian, Me, Shing Ning, Evelyn and Kok Keong

The ah chuah pose!

To Adrian: I AM NOT A NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Boo you. T.T

Eat until so damn full. Tummy is going to burst open any second. haha.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Few Worth Mentionable Events in Kedah

Many many things had happened in the span of 3 weeks since the start of my course. Im happy to say that it is filled with mostly good memories! Uiseh! Syiok! So here's a snippet of my time here in AIMST Uni.

Tanglung Festival in Aimst

A reunion of Foundation batchmates =)

The sea of Aimst students joining in the fun!

The giant paper tanglung.

One paper tanglung for each batch.

So fun! Those studying in INDO, AUSTRALIA, HONG KONG, UK and US, dont JEALOUS r! haha. Who was the one keep saying Kedah is so ulu and go nothing interesting to do wan!? haha.

Watching em' Dentistry students light up their own batch tanglung, it was really such a meaningful sight. Putting all their hopes and dreams into a giant paper tanglung and letting it set off into the sky, hoping that it is all smooth sailing from now till we reach or goal - Graduating from Aimst with our hard-earned degree.


Random Fun in Central Square!

haha. Angeline offering free massage services!

Caught the bus to Central Square, the only shopable, dinable, and fun-able shopping mall in the whole of Sungai Petani.

Did some shopping (bought a pair of shoes!), walked around, then bowling!


Kopitiam + Pirated dvds = Us

Lounging around drinking our tea, and bought some dvds in the process ;p Thanks to Winnie, we scored 2 dvds for RM3 each. Cheap eyh? hehe...


Barbeque + Steamboat Fiasca!

Bandar Laguna Merbok - One of the most happening neighbourhood in SP thanks to us Aimst students who seem to always have the time to put on parties!

Then right after the party, eno eno eno eno! HOSPITAL =(


Ramadhan 101

I feel 10kg fatter. lols.


A Choki Reunion

Its been a long time since my last Choki stick... I REALLY REALLY LOVE CHOKI CHOKI! Definately worth a post about Choki choki!

Ah B wanted one too... Too bad.. hahahaha!


First Histology Lab

Basically, today was our first Histology lab session. So to mark this important day, we took pictures =)

Shing Ning, me, and Evelyn

This reminds me, I havent finish my lab report yet! T.T DIE...


Sorry for the lack of words and the lack of updates. Been super duper busy!!

-Yea im lazy. Sue me.- =)