Friday, August 29, 2008


You know what this means. =) Christine is oficially driving.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have been tagged. By Mr. Pang Yew Ken.

Now, here is the problem.

Christine is a terribly lazy girl. SO! Christine is going to handpick A FEW questions from the taglist.


1. Are you allowed to have a bf/gf?
Nope. Father and Mother Wong has given me a big NO to any bfs until I reached my 3rd Year in Medic. BUT. haha. I'll stop here.

2. Describe yourself in one word.
Hmm. Indescribable.

3. Have you ever loved someone (as in the really serious love) before but never had the courage to tell him/her?
Have yet to love anyone. Any of my close friends can tell you that. Love is too strong a word to be used so freely. So no. Haven't felt the need to tell any guy that I love them.

4. What do you like to eat?

Needless to say. Sushi.

5. What can you say about playboys/playgirls?
Hahahahaha. I dont feel threaten at all. Honestly. I'll probably wont say much, unless theyre wearing some painstakingly-butt-ugly, eye soring, too-many-cleavage-showing clothes.

6. Are you still a virgin?
Yes. And proud to be one at that.

7. Best place to cry?
In someone's caring arms.

8. Ever hated someone so bad?
Yes. For the first time in my life. I actually hated someone. With all my heart. Someone who I know have constantly backstabbed me probably abound a million times and have not stopped since. Shame on her.

9. The last person you talked on the cellphone with?
Chou Shing Ning.

10. The last person you hugged?
Its either Shing Vee or Noel. I know I hugged Noel. But I cant remember whether I got hug Vee anot. hmmmm..

11. The last time you danced CRAZY?
Dancing class. On Tuesday. haha. More like how-to-tackle-a-robber dance. Haiya! Hu! Ha! hahahaha. That reminds me. Kammy was so funny XP

12. If you could do anything/ wish for anything, what would it be?
Someone to spend a life with.

13. If you can have an all expense paid trip, where will you go?
Its not likely it will ever happen. But if I have to answer, I'll say EVERYWHERE. The sky's the limit.

14. Are you old-fashioned?
It depends. Relationship wise. Yes. Social wise. Not at all. But I know my bounderies.

15. 5 of your favourite tv shows:
Ghost Whisperer
Grey's Anatomy
Cashmere Mafia

16. 7 words I always use:

Bloody hell

My tag victims:

Hmm. I'll tag.. CHRISTINE WONG. =)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Itchy Hands

A package arrived at my house today. It was from Reader's Digest.

I know Mummy had been sending in applications for some contests hosted by Reader's Digest. So naturally, I thought she actually did win something!

WHAT'S IN IT??????

The package was super big and looks so expensive somehow =p

Excitement started building up.

Hands started to itch.

Christine can wait no longer.


Its a .......... book?! WTF?


Now I have to figure out how to explain to my dad that I opened his parcel. DIE LOR.

Istanbul Visitor

OMG! My first ever Istanbul visitor!!! Saw you on my Feedjit box. Thanks for visiting! =)

Pyramid! Again!

You know what? No matter how many times I go to Pyramid, I always seem to be able to find something to buy there. Thats something very bad. Very very bad indeed. :D

Karmern wanted to go dress hunting for her Monash Ball. The theme was Colurful/Mardigras. Mardigras? Haha. Personally, I dont think Mardigras and Monash Ball even comes close to each other. They are totally different in style! But what ever suits Monash student's fancy ;D At least its way better than Aimst's DND Nite.

So anyways, i accompanied her on her hunt for the perfect dress! Lama-kelamaan, I started trying on the dresses too =p What!? Surely you kinda expected it. Its hard work following people around. Hands started to itch. Visions started to blur. The best medicine, CLOTHES!

Finally Karmern settled on a dress. No its not the ones we took picture in. Its another dress- halter, slightly above knee lenght, black with floral patterns and swirls.


So after that long hunt, me and Karmern were starving. Met up with Dawn at Asian Avenue and then headed to Gasoline for lunch. Never tried this place before but its always a full house whenever I passed it, and I heard it was really famous.

Honestly, I didnt even know that the restaurant's name was Gasoline. Its just a store I've walked passed probably about a million times this year and yet didnt bother about it (how ignorant can I be? :)

The moment I saw the restaurant's name-Gasoline, it somehow rang a bell in my head. Its like I've heard of it before. I've seen the logo for Gasoline before. "Where where where where??" was all I could think. It was oh-too-familiar.


John's dad OWNS a franchise of Gasoline in KL! OMG. NO EFFING WAY!!! For those of you who dont know, John was an ex-bf of mine in NS. Yes, the gangster one. The one that lasted only a day cause I got bored of him. Yes yes. I know i know. My NS time was one of my most playful moments of my life. I've heard the lectures. You guys can stop now =) To defend myself, he was the hottest and coolest guy in my camp. Every girl was practically drooling over him. What would you do if you were me? Say no when he asked? Come on la... haha. I speak some truth huh :p hahahah.

Back to the topic at hand, John did tell me something about Gasoline and even drew pictures of the logo on every single piece of paper I've handed to him! He said something about father owning Gasoline and him owning a handphone shop =.=. During that time, I didnt know what Gasoline was. I thought it was some.. I dunno. Something la. Didnt really cared cause we broke off anyways. Who knew he was so freaking rich!?

Inside Gasoline:

Warning! Dont ever EVER try to take a funny pic with Karmern! She's not funny! She's always CUTE. I look so stupid next to her! LOL. And she was the one who wanted a funny pic! =.="

Here are a few examples.

See what I mean =.="

Oh well, better stick to normal everything-is-just-fine-and-dandy smiles. =)

Almost at the end of our meal, we saw this bunch of guys passing our table on their way out. We stared at their table.

Now we know why they chose to sit there ;) heheh. Karmern reckons they wanted to feel her BOOBIES. Her non-existant BOOBIES.


After lunch, we went over to Nicole's. Intro some clothes to Dawn cause I lurve their designs.

OMG. I look so looooooooong.

Make mental note: Must stop buying long tops.

2nd mental note: Stick to your first mental note.


Me RM 79.90 bag. *Smiles really really wide =)

I LURVE YOU VEEEE (in a friend-friend way :D)

I am a die-hard FOREVER 21 fan (and a Dorothy Perkins fan ;D)!! Vee. You really know me well! Well, this is how the story goes. Vee, highschool friend and still a very close friend of mine is leaving to Hong Kong (under a scholarship!) to take up Acounting at Hong Kong University (the best uni in Hong Kong at that!). So, we had a farewell party for him and everything. He loved it.

2 days before he left, at 11.30pm, he drove to my house to collect a present from me, boon, karmern, dawn, and wuee. So he came, in his parent's beautiful Altis Vios. I passed him the present (which is by the way, a red Renoma Paris T-shirt), said a few "Take care in Hong Kong" wishes and was about to walk back into the house. When all of the sudden, he pulled out this yellow bag. I know that bag. I can recognize that yellow bag anywhere. The Forever 21 bag. Immediately I knew what was inside. Forever 21 vouchers! For me and Boon! OMG!



But Vee. This doesnt mean you dont have to bring me to Disneyland :D

Im such an evil friend! LOL!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Endless Shopping!

Mummy decided to take me for a shopping spree today at Pyramid! Wheeeee~

Ate dinner at Dragon-i. Yummy.

Yes yes. I know. I dont look anything like my mum or sis. =p

This is my .... forgotten the name of the dish liao. Nvm. I shall name it, The Nameless Noodle.

This is the result of 4 hours of shopping. Yes. Only 4 hours. =)

Cant you see the happiness in my eyes? :D

Come take a look at what I've bought. *dumrolls.

A badminton tee.


A green top from Hang Ten. Not bad rite. Didnt know Hang Ten got sell such tops.

Low waisted skinny ROMP jeans.


Last but not least. The white blouse from Nicole. Cost me RM90!! But totally worth it!! Cause I need it for the Orientation Week of my course. (OMG. Going to start my course soon d =.=)


I lurve this top cause I can wear it so many ways. Its so versastile and fashionable at the same time!

Look #1

The Formal Attire.

Look #2

The Slightly More Casual Formal Look.

Look #3

The Belted Look.

Look #4

The Glamour/Sophisticated Look.

I am in Heaven =)

Bear's 18th and Vege's Farewell.

Today is Dawn Ng Ving-Yan's aka The Sweetest Bear 18th Birthday! Weeeet! The BIG 18. The year that we can finally do all the stuffs which are illegal to those who are below 18! The 18th bday is an important one indeed. Besides that, another friend, Mr. Lim Shing Vee aka Vegetable, is leaving for Hong Kong this Saturday. Therefore, Boon and I drew out a plan to throw a surprise bday dinner for Dawn and a farewell dinner for Vee! Boon, me and Karmern each have a list of people to invite. Shee Wuee didnt have one because she is having her exams. Cannot disturb her. All the best ya Shee Wuee!

Again, like every other surprise parties that are planned, it NEVER works out. When oh when will someone fall for it???

Anyways! We decided to hold the party in Strawberry Cafe at 6.30pm. Me and Boon were there first cause we have to go to Taipan to buy the birthday/farewell cake. Quite tough lor to buy the cake. I LOVE fruit cakes and HATE too chocolate-ty cakes WHERE ELSE Boon LOVE chocolate cakes and HATE fruit cakes. We made the King's worker run from one side of the cake counter to the other and back again. Pity him.. LOL. In the end, Boon and I came to an agreement. We bought the Fruit and Chocolate Mousse Cake! A mixture of fruits and chocolate! Talk about perfection! =)

After buying the cake, we rushed to Strawberry Cafe cause it was already 6.30pm. We thought we will be among the latest to arrive. Surprise surprise. We were the first one there. haha. Meanwhile, Kevin aka Dawn's Bright and Shining Knight was on his way to pick her. People started pouring in sligtly after that. Shing Vee arrived around this time too. Shing Vee the Vegee. Haha. I cant get it out of my head. U know. Veeeeee sounds like Vegeeeeee. hahaha. Dawn arrived soon after, blindfolded of course! We all shouted (ok la. Only me and boon) "SURPRISEEEEEEEE!" Precious moment there.

So yea. I'll let the pics sing for itself now =)

All the beautiful girls present.

The Fruit and Chocolate Mousse cake.

Dawn making her wish. Hope it will come true Dawn!

Dawn and Vege cutting the beautiful cake.

Enjoying the cake. Yummy yum yum!

All of us.

Me and Vege.

Me trying to push Vege out of the picture. Success rating: 101/100!

V.V Peace!

More people has joined me and my 'peace sign' forces. Shall the peace be with you.

Was trying to be a pimp. I was actually giving them two thumbs up. But dunno who go cut my hands T.T

LOL. Just joking :D

Me, Dawn, and Kevin!

Ooooh... Can see my pineapple rice. Take a gooooood look! I finished it!

Omg. Kevin. You are the cutest among all of us! R you sure you are a GUY?? Sometimes, people can get confused with their sexuality. LOL.

Another picture with all of us again. That darn Adrian is tip-toeing. He aint that tall. No one will believe this la Adrian.

Me and Vincent Lui. Must take a picture with him cause I dont know wheter I will have the chance to see him again before I leave cause he a very very very busy man. :D All the best in your coming exams ok! Dont be an excessive NERD! LOL.

Me and Vee after the 2nd round of mamaking at Sri Melur. In case I do not see you, hope you have a blast in Hong Kong. Always remember to take care of your health and study hard! Dont forget you have to bring me to Ocean Park AND Disneyland =) You promised!


Christine Wong,

Your friend who is dying to go Disneyland. (Please bring her there!)