Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Journey to the Center of Sushi Groove

Date: 27th July 2008 (Yes yes i know. Longgg outdated)
Place: Sunway Pyramid

The usual few of us went to Pyramid to catch a movie. Watched Journey to the Center of the Earth. 3 thumbs up! Was a really good show to watch. Enjoyed it alot.

So neways, after the movie, tummies started growling. Food time! After a long squeezing-our-brains-out session to figure out the place to eat, and after consulting the map lady bout the restaurants available here in Pyramid, and after hundreds of pushing the decision to someone else's hands, we finally decided on SUSHI GROOVE.

Never tried this place before. But it looks really really cool from the outside. Honestly it looks like a bar or a club. Its all dark and mysterious with a few flickering yellow lights and the waiters there were dressed in black with this very bartender-ish vests. Definately not cheap.

Impressive set up. We're off to a good start.

The menu. Looks ordinary huh. But wait till you open it.

Its soooooo long! Crazy. Even my camera cant get a full pic of the menu. Its like 8 pages flipped out into one page.

Kinky QQ? I really dont get this one. But I was seriously tempted to order this. Maybe they'll throw in a free prostitute or something.. Then I can sell her off and earn some $$$. OR. I could rent her out to me guy friends. heheh. What are friends for rite? :D

Hema, me and Adrian. I was eating me icecream. Yummy~

Cool interior rite.. Thats hema, me and adrian on the left. And thats jonathan, kevin and noel on the right.

Oh yea. Remember bout the theory I had about Sushi Groove being a bar? I am proud to say I am half right!

My predictions quite chun huh.

Picture taking moments. And kevin, when we say "look at the camera and smile", we dont mean 'look at the camera' and smile. LOL.


Anyways. Kevin was kind enough to send me, hema, jon and adrian back (short adrian).

On the way home, war erupted. And it started with Adrian's phone. We were curious bout him and Su Yin ma.. So curi curi tengok abit la. But this guy gave such a resistance that we had no choice but to pin him down. So both me and Jon teamed up and seriously gave him some brutal punches and kicks (sori yea). He is one tough cookie. But obviously we succeeded. Passed the phone to Hema in the front and made her read out loud whilst TEAM CHRISJO continued to pin Adrian.

Adrian not giving up, retaliated by grabbing my phone! He was threatening to open the images and read all the mesages and all I could think of was, "Threaten la.. Got nothing in my phone also. *insert laugh here". But all of the sudden! I remembered there were some personal mesages and pictures inside (no, they're not pics of nude ppl u dirty perverts. Ohhh yes im talking about YOU. LOL). SHIT. I asked Adrian to give me back the phone, but he simply refused. Was seriously damn pissed. Especially after I told him there were super important and personal stuffs in there. He still refused to give it back! Lucky for him, he did return it eventually.

Its ok. I forgive you. I know now that you were just kidding around. But dont do it again! TRUCE!

TEAM CHRISJO! GO GO GO! My partner in alot of crimes. =)


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