Monday, August 25, 2008

I LURVE YOU VEEEE (in a friend-friend way :D)

I am a die-hard FOREVER 21 fan (and a Dorothy Perkins fan ;D)!! Vee. You really know me well! Well, this is how the story goes. Vee, highschool friend and still a very close friend of mine is leaving to Hong Kong (under a scholarship!) to take up Acounting at Hong Kong University (the best uni in Hong Kong at that!). So, we had a farewell party for him and everything. He loved it.

2 days before he left, at 11.30pm, he drove to my house to collect a present from me, boon, karmern, dawn, and wuee. So he came, in his parent's beautiful Altis Vios. I passed him the present (which is by the way, a red Renoma Paris T-shirt), said a few "Take care in Hong Kong" wishes and was about to walk back into the house. When all of the sudden, he pulled out this yellow bag. I know that bag. I can recognize that yellow bag anywhere. The Forever 21 bag. Immediately I knew what was inside. Forever 21 vouchers! For me and Boon! OMG!



But Vee. This doesnt mean you dont have to bring me to Disneyland :D

Im such an evil friend! LOL!

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