Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Shopping Trip which Burned RM200

Went shopping at Pyramid with Dawn today! @.@! Awesomeness! The clothes! The discounts! The hot bargains! Any shopping day is a happy day for me! Case closed.

So lets start off with me in the car, on my way to pick Dawn!

Kla. I know its vain. But this shot is too nice to not post it up!

We only managed to go to a few stores. Not enough time. *grumbles. I can like count the number or stores we went into.

1. Elle
2. MNG
3. Topshop
4. Dorothy Perkins
5. Nose
6. Studio R
7. Jusco
8. Padini
9. FOS
10. Niichi

Thats about it. Sad rite. But 10 shops are all that Christine needs to splurge 200 smakeroos.

We saw this top in Jusco. The Sorbet Orange section-the place where my hp was stolen. haihz. We fell in love with it immediately! But only I bought it in the end. Oh well.

Wanna see what I bought? hehe. *grins.

This is a top I bought from Nichii. It can be worn as a top or as a dress! Sweet huh!

I didnt like how the dress looks on the hangar. It looks so big and unfitted. So i took the 'trouble' to try it on to show you how its suppose to look like. *more grins.


Working it!

It even looks nice from the top! Yesh!

Anyways, here are the rest of the stuffs I bought.

I just LOVE the shoes. They look so real.

Speaking of shoes. I bought another pair os shoes from NOSE!

Lastly, I bought something from Mr. Adrian's old workplace.

I hearts the heart!

Total items bought:

3 tops,

1 dress

1 pair of shoes

1 necklace

Total damage for the day: RM200 (considered not bad la. I couldve spent more. ;p)


uKen said...

Rm 200??!!!!
Gawd! That's like ... WOOoohhh
For me, that would be money burned .
I like the Polka-dot-type piece from nichii and the Nose shoe. Looks great on you.

Christine said...

That 200bucks burnt a hole in my pocket too. But im leaving for Kedah in a month's time. Must RESTOCK! LOL. Thanks! I love it toooooooo!