Saturday, January 31, 2009

Anatomy Dissection

One of the perks of being a medical student is that.....

I get to take uber cool pictures of decapitated bodies
and then make a post specifically about the bodies so my blog wont seem like i've abandoned it on account that im super lazy to use my very exhausted and close to hangus-ed brain to think about anything except the lower and upper limbs of the human body.

(And in the process scare you guys to bits. teehee)

Someone once asked me whether the eye balls are still intact after being formalinized for years.

Well. Here's your answer =)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ohhh Dearrie me.

I think this is it.

Following the advice of *mum's boss son. aherm*, I've decided.

He said max 2 weeks. I gave 8 8 ok? I so freakin nice rite?!

Call me generous. That was what i was. I do not deny.

Albeit the "it could happen"s and the "you never know"s.....
Well, its been fun.

much love,

Be nice Christine. Its cny. *whacks own head.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A lil bit of Books and Brains.


It is comfirmed. I have completely transformed into a nerd. Yea NERD. I know i know. Christine. You've always been a nerd what. Why take you so long to figure this out?

Self realization is a bitch.

*angry grunge faced christine*

How this ohmygodchristineyou'vefinallyrealized phase came about hit 3 days ago, while i was on my way back from SP.

So yea. I was on my way back. In the car. Thinking of the shitloads of things I have to do when I reached home. Thinking bout how 'great' this year's cny will be. Thinking bout angpows *shit. I cant find the money sign on my keypad. Anyways, the mind is a tool for imagination. Use it. WTF. All this sarcasm on cny? Im so cursed this year.* Thinking bout getting to wear my new clothes. Hmmmmmm.... Did I pack it nicely in my gorgeous AlainDeloin suitcase?

Thinking thinking thinking....


OHHHHHHHHHHMYYYYYYYYYFUCKINNNNNNN *****inhale**** (lets not contaminate the minds of the young ones this cny)

IforgottenTObringBACKmy Dorlands Medical Dictionary!!!!!!!!!


Now for those of you who knows me. This woiuld be the last thing that comes out from the ulcerating mouth of mine (i blame the curry)

What shouldve been said was:


But NO. I had to say it. At times where the only thing that can keep my sanity intact throughout this whole pre-examholiday week was the opportunity to adorned my newly bought garments, I, Christine, self proclaimed Goddess of Fashion who has been brought down to Earth to help all those who are unfabulous Medical student, could only think of 1 thing.
My Dictionary. Wtf?

ALL MINE!!!!! :)

Me loves me Sneaker Heels *sneakerlicious*

Me loves me Lavender Crisscross straps heels a.k.a Tia.

Me loves me new pencil skirt.
Sexayyy OL look.
Dang. It looks great ;p

Thursday, January 22, 2009

CNY Gathering =) Unbelievable HyperFrenzy!

Its the 22nd of January 2009, Thursday. 1 day before i depart back to KL, Land of Civilization (okla. Penang and BINTULU and JOHOR also very civilized laaaaa) hahaha. So anyways, the chinese from my class/course/MBBS Batch 14 (woohoo!)/ AIMST-ians decided to have this CNY celebration at Piao Xiang.

I've had my fair share of meals at Piao Xiang before. I wont say it would be the ideal place to hold a celebration like this. But some how, it just worked.

There was the karaoke set, and darn was I surprised. People were practically running towards the stage to join in the dancing and the singing! I wasnt excluded from it :p (you know me and Redbox. hehe.)

The meal I would say its so so. We had yee sang and we had to do that lao sang thing (lao sang? sounds like lao sai. Dont know whether I have termed it correctly anot.. hmmm...). Eushen was practically screaming "I AM SO FABULOUS! I WANT TO BE FABULOUS FOREVER!". Hahah. Typical. Didnt manage to catch anybody else's wishes. I was screaming "I WANT TO PASS MY CA2! LET MONEY DROP DOWN FROM THE SKY! REPAIR THE HEATER IN THE BATHROOMS SO I CAN SHOWER IN PEACE! KILL ALL THE GREEN BUGS!!!!!!!!". Yeah. Then it ended with "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
Half of the Yee Sang flew everywhere across the table. Such a waste =)

The party really began after the meal. Karaoke!!! *singing to the beats of BOOM BOOM BOOM and ShaLalala by the Vengaboys and the Xi Sua sua song? haha. Then there was Kiss Goodbye bye Leehom and te Fei fei fei by FIR and ooooohh! Loads of songs. Chinese and English. Loads of fun!!!! And Nicholas, I can only sing the chorus part too!
BANANA power!

Then we did the TRAIN thing. Yea. I know. The train thing and went around the restaurant. All 50 of us. haha. Then LIMBO!!!!!

Guys were showing off their breakdancing skills at one corner (woooaw. Medic students can breakdance also r?? Sia sui la Lim Kok Wing, Hong Kong U, IMU, Brickfields and SEGI students. muahahaha. Yes guys. Im talking about you. Exception to Noel and Adrian cause they can Salsa, or was it Tango?). And others (actually it was just Eu Shen. Muahahaha) was dirty dancing-ing all across the stage and dance floor.

So picture time yea? (This is what I've managed to compiled so far. We had a pro-photographer by the name of Darren who will pass all the pics he took to me!)

Aiyer... ! So cute... ^^

Yea. Couldnt get this one to smile. Will try harder next time :p

Definately not how I thought future doctors will act like =p haha. But we only get to be young once.

Will post more pics when I find the time! Am off to pack my bags!
DR. ARULJOETHY'S class tomorrow at 8am. DIE LO.... Haihz...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lappie DIED

Haihz... Im now in the CyberCafe in my campus.

WHY you ask?

Cause my beloved brand new COMPAQ lappie freakin died on me!

Ok la. Not died. Apparently its because my version of Vista wasnt original or some shit like that. Hence, i cant even start my comp!


Haihz. ALL MY LECTURE NOTES are inside. So effin' screwed. I cant study without my lappie. I cant function. Its as if I've lost a limb. No. All four of my limbs. Im so handicapped!


On a lighter note, will be going for a Chinese New Year gathering at Piao Xiang tomorrow nite. CHINESE only. (but we still love our Indian friends too! Just that, ya know. Its a Chinese thing =)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tang Yuan Festival

Im not really sure of the origins of the Tang Yuan festival. But one thing is for sure, there is sweetsome balls of sugar up for the eating =)

Dont play coy with me la. I know you all also dont know when or why this whole Tang Yuan eating fiasca took place. So you know what? Im gonna copy and paste an excerpt from wikipedia (my best friend!) bout Tang Yuans. Sue me why dont you.

"The 15th day of the 1st lunar month is the Chinese Lantern Festival because the first lunar month is called yuan-month and in the ancient times people called night Xiao. The 15th day is the first night to see a full moon. So the day is also called Yuan Xiao Festival in China. According to the Chinese tradition, at the very beginning of a new year, when there is a bright full moon hanging in the sky, there should be thousands of colorful lanterns hung out for people to appreciate. At this time, people will try to solve the puzzles on the lanterns and eat yuanxiao (glutinous rice ball) and get all their families united in the joyful atmosphere."

To show our Aimst enthusiasm for any Chinese related festivals (what being in an Indian empowered area and all - no pun intended), we decided to for-go one day of STUDY to make Tang Yuans!

Honestly, this would be my first time ever making Tang Yuans. Usually mum will just buy those ready made tang yuans in packets from TESCO or Giant and all we have to do was boil it with sugar broth.

But thank God I had the very much needeD assistance from experts aka Yi Shan and Angeline. We the 3 others (all from Sarawak somemore) were like complete amatuers. See pics of tang yuan below.

But first off! Let me introduce you to the

-'cause nobody can make TangYuans like we do (literally).'

The Pink Machine. (cause all her Tang Yuans were PINK!)

The Pros

Look at my Glutinous rice balls! Nice lehhhhhh.... (Got heart shape summore^^ And No. You can't have any. Bwahahahaha.)

The Process

1) Ball making

Ingedients: Some special kind of flour, water, and coloring.

2) Ball boiling

3) Ball scooping

4) Ball gathering (What?! Balls cannot gather la now?)

5) Ball eating!!! (yummy!)

And so my dear friends, you now can no longer say that I cant cook. Cause I SO CAN COOK NOW :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Jane Game

I promised to show you guys some pictures of Jane my Super-Fashion-Idol rite? Well here she is in her stunning masterpieces!

Just look at her shoes! Gorgeous!

A carbon copy of me aint it? :) - minus the white skin and long-yet-curvacious body of hers, and of course the blonde hair.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Fashion Idol.
Dont you ever get bored of people asking you who is your fav actor/actress or which business mogul you look up to? Who came first, man or woman, chicken or egg? What did you do today?What did you STUDY today?? Zzzzzz.... That and all the other 'intelligent/ questions ppl throw at you on a daily basis.

But how come nobody ever asked bout my fashion idol???? My fashion style has evolved a great deal because of her (she's younger than me by a year btw). From nerd into lady, beast into beauty, duck into swan. The likes of it. (or so i hope)

Meet Jane. I absolutely adore her ! Love the clothes she wears! Love how she mixes and matches her outfits together. So.. so.. "Fabulous!!!", something I know EuShen would say ;) Words cannot describe her and her mom. They are AWESOME.

Shall post more on their FABULOUS clothes when I have the time. Till then, TURRAH! =)


This photo perfectly captures one of those rare moments where someone briefly enters your line of vision out of nowhere and their look is so completely beyond this world that that one image you have of them in your memory stays with you forever.

I can only think of a couple of times this has happened to me, where I have seen someone that looks so damn cool, that I uphold them in my mind eternally as a superhuman style icon.
Imagine how bad-ass this chick must have looked at Paris Fashion Week, amidst the Balmain divas and the Balenciaga's kind of like she showed up there in her see-through lace granny dress, old jeans, and work boots AND was like, "
F*ck you, fashion!"

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I lost one set of McD T.T

Dear everyone,

Im sure all your uncles and aunties or peers or, well, mainly humans la, would have asked you to join in a round of gambling. For the fun of it. Not intending to suck your money dry out of you.

Well humans of Christinotopia, DON'T EVER FALL FOR IT!

I got conned T.T

Blardy.... I lost rm10 bucks! Thats like:

(a) 1 McValue Meal or
(b) 4 Sundaes or
(c) 1 movie tix or
(d) My pocket money for like 4 days in Luciffer-forsaken Kedah T.T or
(e) 5 plates of RM1.90 sushi in Sakae Sushi!!!!!!!
(f) Well you get my drift.