Sunday, January 25, 2009

ALL MINE!!!!! :)

Me loves me Sneaker Heels *sneakerlicious*

Me loves me Lavender Crisscross straps heels a.k.a Tia.

Me loves me new pencil skirt.
Sexayyy OL look.
Dang. It looks great ;p


jordache.wee said...

Nice sneakers heels!

If you have the same pair without heels also looks nice and blending with suit.

Lavender Crisscross straps heels - looks kinda simple.

Better you this pair of "Dior Extreme Gladiator Platform" (

It definitely does looks pretty on any girls :D

or this one too looks absolutely gorgeous:

Note: Click link to preview images or copy and paste link on web browsers to view!

diana said...

hey christine, this is diana. ur classmate from long long ago, if u still remember me. :P

so i just stumbled upon ur blog and gosh, i have to say those heel sneakers are to die for!!! would u mind sharing with me where u got it please? i'd like to own one too T___T

rathinumberone said...

looks like i'm gona barge into few shops for the sneaker heels..haha.. imma such a footwear freak.. :D

gossshhh u'll look gorgeous in pencil skirt..can i just envy ya for a while???? shoot you gal!! :P