Thursday, January 22, 2009

CNY Gathering =) Unbelievable HyperFrenzy!

Its the 22nd of January 2009, Thursday. 1 day before i depart back to KL, Land of Civilization (okla. Penang and BINTULU and JOHOR also very civilized laaaaa) hahaha. So anyways, the chinese from my class/course/MBBS Batch 14 (woohoo!)/ AIMST-ians decided to have this CNY celebration at Piao Xiang.

I've had my fair share of meals at Piao Xiang before. I wont say it would be the ideal place to hold a celebration like this. But some how, it just worked.

There was the karaoke set, and darn was I surprised. People were practically running towards the stage to join in the dancing and the singing! I wasnt excluded from it :p (you know me and Redbox. hehe.)

The meal I would say its so so. We had yee sang and we had to do that lao sang thing (lao sang? sounds like lao sai. Dont know whether I have termed it correctly anot.. hmmm...). Eushen was practically screaming "I AM SO FABULOUS! I WANT TO BE FABULOUS FOREVER!". Hahah. Typical. Didnt manage to catch anybody else's wishes. I was screaming "I WANT TO PASS MY CA2! LET MONEY DROP DOWN FROM THE SKY! REPAIR THE HEATER IN THE BATHROOMS SO I CAN SHOWER IN PEACE! KILL ALL THE GREEN BUGS!!!!!!!!". Yeah. Then it ended with "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
Half of the Yee Sang flew everywhere across the table. Such a waste =)

The party really began after the meal. Karaoke!!! *singing to the beats of BOOM BOOM BOOM and ShaLalala by the Vengaboys and the Xi Sua sua song? haha. Then there was Kiss Goodbye bye Leehom and te Fei fei fei by FIR and ooooohh! Loads of songs. Chinese and English. Loads of fun!!!! And Nicholas, I can only sing the chorus part too!
BANANA power!

Then we did the TRAIN thing. Yea. I know. The train thing and went around the restaurant. All 50 of us. haha. Then LIMBO!!!!!

Guys were showing off their breakdancing skills at one corner (woooaw. Medic students can breakdance also r?? Sia sui la Lim Kok Wing, Hong Kong U, IMU, Brickfields and SEGI students. muahahaha. Yes guys. Im talking about you. Exception to Noel and Adrian cause they can Salsa, or was it Tango?). And others (actually it was just Eu Shen. Muahahaha) was dirty dancing-ing all across the stage and dance floor.

So picture time yea? (This is what I've managed to compiled so far. We had a pro-photographer by the name of Darren who will pass all the pics he took to me!)

Aiyer... ! So cute... ^^

Yea. Couldnt get this one to smile. Will try harder next time :p

Definately not how I thought future doctors will act like =p haha. But we only get to be young once.

Will post more pics when I find the time! Am off to pack my bags!
DR. ARULJOETHY'S class tomorrow at 8am. DIE LO.... Haihz...

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