Saturday, January 3, 2009

I lost one set of McD T.T

Dear everyone,

Im sure all your uncles and aunties or peers or, well, mainly humans la, would have asked you to join in a round of gambling. For the fun of it. Not intending to suck your money dry out of you.

Well humans of Christinotopia, DON'T EVER FALL FOR IT!

I got conned T.T

Blardy.... I lost rm10 bucks! Thats like:

(a) 1 McValue Meal or
(b) 4 Sundaes or
(c) 1 movie tix or
(d) My pocket money for like 4 days in Luciffer-forsaken Kedah T.T or
(e) 5 plates of RM1.90 sushi in Sakae Sushi!!!!!!!
(f) Well you get my drift.


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