Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Sorry for the no updates.

Busy rebuilding social network.

Off to REDBOX tommorrow!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Giler stress



EXAMS again!!

Why is life so full or hardships and exams?

I wanna go off on a holiday again! (Indo indo indo ~ i cant wait!)

And i wanna go shopping!!!! @.@

The things i would give up just to fast forward this remaining 3 years and 10 months.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Night of Remembrance

Omg false lashies are now my best best friends!

*make up is thanks to Sammie!*


It spells glam, but not drag queen diva. Not too over. But not normal.
Powder foundation, shimmy shimmy gold eyeshadow, rose pink blusher to highlight my cheekbones, light pink lip gloss, liner! AND NOT FORGETTING, FALSE EYELASHES! :D

Tonight (actually 2 nights ago), was the night i debut my Waltz skills on stage!

It was a performance staged by MBBS Batch 14 students in support of the Padang Earthquake Charity Concert held in Aimst University.

Im so proud of my batch! Albeit having exams in another 5 days, 51 out of 130 students from MBBS Batch 14 joined together to contribute a part in this ever purposeful event!

For one whole week, we poured tears and sweat, time and strength, to practice our dance routine over and over again. Tiring, but fun! If it wasn't for this event, many bonds would not have formed, and i would have never known that I CAN WALTZ! :D

Our said performance is a fusion of 6 dances.

*according to sequence*
1) Mamma Mia - Abba
2) Waltz - FF7
3) Larger Than Life - Backstreetboys
4) Pop Duet
5) Thriller - Micheal Jackson
6) High School Musical "We're All In This Together"

I took part in 2 dance. Waltz and High School Musical!

It was mad fun i tell you. MAD FUN.

I still remember everyone complaining (and regretting to the core) in the middle of practice sessions. Who wouldn't? Exams are in a few days time! And its quite an important paper at that. You can't fail this paper. Failing it will means no sitting for Finals!

But after the whole concert, when the curtains fall, and when the audience gave their roaring applause, i look at my fellow dancers, and i see only happiness and joy in their eyes and smile. There's no doubt that IF EVER another opportunity like this arises, the same people will be the first ones volunteering.

Actually, i stumbled into the dance by chance. When thean sim announced our batch's participation in the event, i vowed never to enter because its too close to exams and im too lazy. The plan worked well for me a couple of days, where i sworn off all humans who started their sentence with a "come join the dance! We need more people!".

No one could shake me.

But i don't know what crossed my mind that one fateful day when Chan Zi Yin rang me. It was as if my mind blanked off for a moment, and i heard myself saying "Ok". My mind was shouting "STUPID STUPID CHRISTINE, YOU'RE GOING TO FAIL IN YOUR EXAMS! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOURSELF??", but my mouth had a mind of its own.

Dahlah it was one crazy hot afternoon, i had to drag my lazy bum to the Orientation hall.

Can guess who is my partner for the night? (scroll down the pics below and take your best guess)

For costumes, the girls all have to wear fancy gowns, whilst the men had to wear a white shirt with vest and tie.

ZOMG all the guys look hot! And it was only then i found out that 90% of the men in Waltz actually work out!

My partner apparently had 6 packs with a pari of very well defined biceps :D

Meet Cheng Foong. I told him for almost a year since the CNY dinner in Piao Xiang circa early Jan 2009; to practise his smiling skills in front of the camera. Hows the result?

This man is Chan. He was the one who managed to convince me to go.

Heres a picture of all the Walt dancers! pheeweeet!

All so handsome and pretty rite?

Now for some pictures of the Waltz couples!:

Hui Yuan and her partner Nicholas at the after party.

Cheng Foong and Winnie Wong Siaw Ting!

And last but not least, *dum derum dum dum*

Me and Kok Jin :)

Thanks for everthing. You are a wonderful partner to have :)

*sorry no pic of us dancing on stage cause we're actually not allowed to take pictures during the concert*

Monday, December 7, 2009



Exams are creeping up again.


You know, life isn't suppose to be this hard.


Thursday, December 3, 2009


I've pretty much engulfed my whole week thinking about so many things. Questions. Doubts.

No really. As emo and depressing as this sound, have you ever questioned yourself? Whether the path you have chosen is the path you want to continue on?

I once thought i was abso-positively sure that this IS THE RIGHT PATH. But now, i feel like i'm just going around in circles. And squares. And triangles. And trapezoids.

I've been reading a few blogs written by students from Aimst. Seems that i'm not the only one feeling pathetic and down.

There is this one thing that is bothering me like superduperalot till shitting that time also I will think about it.


Though many people (parents and friends included) advised me that everywhere is the same. That it doesn't matter where you study, or what you study, social hierarchy will always always exist.

Everyone wants to be popular. And be well known by many. But sometimes, its the method you use to achieve it that reflects your actual standing. Backstabbing, gossiping. Really, is it necessary?

Do you consider the friends in your social circle YOUR REAL FRIEND? SOMEONE YOU CAN DEPEND ON AND TRUST?

How can you when that circle started on the basis of lies and midnight gossips??? Everything is just an act. Blasphemy.

Wtf i'm making myself sound like a total social reject. Im not ok (in case you are wondering). Im quite comfy with my current friends.


But I digress.

I feel so lost here. How can friends do such distasteful things to each other and still be able to put on that wide smile?

[SOME] people here are abit weird. Their mindset. And maturity level. It sometimes shock me that these 'kids' are actually in their 20s.

Argh. Distasteful. Really distastful.

I just want to walk back down the taken path, and take the other road not taken.
(ie. I shouldve just gone to IMU)

*end of rant*

Monday, November 30, 2009

Those subs are WHACKED!

It was the most refreshing weekend I have had in months!

Home really does cure any tiredness, fatigue, sickness, mental disturbia. I really should make it a point to go home once every month, rather than 4 months once.

Eventhough it was just a mere 3 days break from all the chaos and mama dramas in sad little aimst, its enough to leave me rejuvinated and refreshed! (at least for the next 3 weeks)

A main contributing factor to my sudden burst of freshness-ness, could be because of the fact that I've been chomping on good FANTABULOUSLY HEALTHY AND YUMMY MEALS WHICH RESEMBLES NOTHING LIKE CURRY, CURRY, AND YES YOU GOT IT RIGHT, MORE CURRY.

Ice Lemon Tea in a jug ;)

Me and Willy decided to head on down to One Utama to catch 2 movies (i wanted to watch 3 T__T),

hahahaha. The subs are hillarious shit i tell you.

Before the whole obsence sight of Christine shouting "omghothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothot!!", we went over to Garden to have a hearty lunch and to catch up on gossips.

The place is damn chio. Everything is so ala Tea garden brunch. Agree?

Meet Willy. Aspiring blogger and Lame jokes extraordinaire! Better stock up on your lame jokes, Mr.auntypullingskinonbus&kingkong joker.

I forgotten what is this called, i think it was Butter and Ginger Dory Fish. It would be delish, if only it was served hot. Mine was cold! I dont know whether it was intentional or not, but i just braved it down rather than risk looking like a noob by asking the waiter to reheat it.

After lunch, poor Willy had to accompany go shopping. I went mad crazy. Frickin SALES everywhere! SALES here SALES there SALES SALES EVERWHERE!

"But i stood tall, i could not be shaken.
My will is so strong, cause my wallet KOSONG!" tm
Hahahaha. Can i even tm my own poem?
Well, i almost went back empty handed. ALMOST. HAH!
I bought 3 pairs of shoes from Vincci. 3 pairs for only RM86.

Faster bow down to me and call me Shopping God.
Sorry willy. I don't have better pic of both of us together. Ok. I do have other pics and though I look nice in the other pics as well, quite unfortunate for you, I like this the most. Your head became collateral damage.
I shall end this post with a picture of:

A SOLE? (Willy found it interesting and FORCED ME to take a pic of it.)

Friday, November 27, 2009


I've been so busy lately.

So. so. VERY BUSY.

I'm back in Subang! Heyho! That explains why i'm so busy ;)

But i LOVE BEING BACK HOME and I wish I don't have to leave come end of weekend :(

An extra day of holiday will make my day. Yes indeed.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hope everyone is as happy as I am about the new stocks! :)

What to expect?


Clothes. Clothes. And more clothes!

I already chup half the stocks for myself :(

Chiiii! How to earn money liddat!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Umbrella is Cursed

No really. It is CURSED.
Do not be fooled by this innocent looking RM12.90 Hot Market umbrella from CS.

Last week has been a very wet week. Yes indeed. It rained in the morning, the afternoon, at night. Everyday. Without fail.

I got fed up of always getting soaked by the rain whilst trying to hide under the covers of a puny foldable umbrella shared by 3. So i decided, its time to buy a proper umbrella for myself. Thats how i ended up with one Ah Ma looking blue plaid patterned umbrella.

But you see, life is very cruel.

Everytime i took the effort to carry this umbrella to lectures, lugging it around campus, getting called a grandmother, because i always semiconsciously use the umbrella as a walking cane (esp when climbing up the main stairwell in the medical bulding =.=), IT NEVER RAINS. I have never used it. Except for that one time when i thought i felt a drop of water, thus convincing myself that the time has come for my umbrella to reveal its awesomeness, only to find out that, it was Shan's saliva hitting my arm. FML.

Its not to say it didnt rain. It just happens to rain when:

1) I did not bring my umbrella

2) Im in my room stoning

3) Im sleeping



Our first PBL (Problem Based Learning) for RS (Respiratory System) is over. FINALLY.

How does a PBL work i hear you ask?

Well, we are first separated into groups of 10 according to alphabetical order. Then we are given triggers (ie sypmtoms/clues) for a case. We're supposed to discuss about the triggers, find out the cues, and look for information regarding things we dont understand. Seems simple, but the amount of research you have to do is ARRRGHHHH!!! And it contributes 30 marks to our finals!

Dont play play.

Say hello to my PBL mate's feets (can you spot mine?)

Now say hello to mine and Cheng Foong's feet.

See. I so rajin bring it to lecture halls, but always end up not using it.


That Xi Mut drink from the new cafe in CS (replacing Old Town) SUCKS. Argh. Wasted my RM3.90.


I'll be back in Subang next week Thursday :D

Friday, November 13, 2009

Imma Jetsetter

Its finally done!

Booked and paid and everything la!

Im sooooo happy!!!

I will be flying of to Yogyakarta on the 27th of December!! yay! Words cannot express how happy I am right now! Finally, an independant holiday! Just me and my two bestest buds!

Sorry bunny, bear, and (shee wuee, what animal are you again?). We will definately go on a holiday together some day!

Return flight tix alone costs RM457, which I feel is a superb deal considering the fact that the cheapest Hema could ever get was RM169 one way. And thats after she booked 5 months in advance. I got mine for RM197 :)

We'll be crashing in a hotel for all 6 nights. Hema says the rates are cheap, so why not right. Plus. She is a member of some hotel club or something. I dunno. But that means DISCOUNTs for us!


The travel plans. None has been made. At least not on my part. We shall leave it to the local maid to plan for us. Maybe we can hop on a bus and head north to jakarta? Or we could just crash in Jogja for all 7 days. I dont mind! Cause honestly, its the fact that I have my closest buds there that makes this whole trip worth every penny, every second of my time, and every Adenosine TriPhosphate.

Yes. I prebooked my meals :) I told you I love aeroplane food! Delish!

Im counting down the days when we all graduate and return to the place where it all started.

Ive been very moody. And this is one of the reason why.


I've been seeing many sides of people.

A friend whom I thought was someone I could depend on, has turned out to be a useless piece of crap. Literally. I have poured out words of concern. Shared the pain that IT was going through, just to name a few.

But in the end, all I gotten was a "thxokbai. im off to play with my new found friends whom out of no reason, have suddenly showed some interest in me."

Yes. Its a tale as old as time.

Everyone wants a bigger group of friends. Go ahead. Go. But don't discard the people who have stood by your side all these while, especially ME.

Because unlike others, who have it in their heart to forgive and forget, I DO NOT HAVE THAT COMPASSION.

I'm having a hard time right now. Deciding if you are worth my time anymore. I have half a mind to just leave you and follow my own.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ma name is JabbaWongKeez yo.

Purple Heart Tee: FOS
Navy blue high waisted skinnies: Miss Selffridge
White T-bar sandals: Vincci
Red rose clip: Gurney
Attitude: Its all me ;)

Picture taken in Queensbay at 12am! We were on our way to watch Jennifer's Body (which might i add is seriously overrated).



Finally i've gotten myself a copy of Female magazine! Thank god for Penang!

Hello me lovelies :) I love these two designs so very very much!! Especially my brogues (which i call PIXIE SHOES. sorry hema for tormenting you with them =D)

I'd say its an alright spread. Thank you Deborah Lee from Female magazine for doing the interview =)

So now you people from Australia, UK, Singapore, Canada, Indonesia, India, and China d0n't have to bugger me to buy a copy for you and send them over =.=


I look like i've got decent amount of boobs and ass.



Friday, November 6, 2009

My REAL Name is pronounced as Your High Majesty, Princess Christine.

This picture shall replace the Sultan's face on the RM100 note! =D

Five days ago, it was one of my bestest friend birthday here in Aimst.

Her name is Lisa. She is an ordinary peasant girl who works on a farm, attending the cows. And goats. And chickens.

I like her so much, I gave her my crown to play with for the day.

But because I always tease her, she used this opportunity to trick the guards and the village people into thinking that I am an imposter, and that she was rightfully the Queen of WhateverYouWannaCallIt Land.

So I was demoted into that pitiful flower girl who always drink. tea?

I don't look sad rite.
Well that's because I met...

The 2 stooges! LeDame Yi Shan, and LiYing the Wise.

Together, we became the 3 Musketeers! (trust me i tried thinking of something more interesting than Musketeers, but em' creative juices aint flowing today =.=)

SWORN to protect the rights of Princess Christine and help her claim back her throne! (ya i know. sound so bias.)

Okla. Im bored of creating fictional stories d. LOL!



I hope you like the present I got you ;)

And I hope we'll stay friends forever! Lets see how many nicknacks we can collect throughout the years to come :p

Yi Shan lookes as if she just came back from Hawaii or something =.=

Egads! My face is as small as my head! @.@


We went to Eternal Zone. which is a steamboat buffet in SP, hidden in some crack joint, practically in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by abandoned old shop houses. Damn creepy I tell you. Damn creepy.

Oh ya. We got lost halfway too.

PS! We celebrated ANGELINE TAN EE PING's birthday as well :)
MY DEAR DEAR DEAR ROOMATE WHO IS ASLEEP RIGHT NOW! (glances over shoulders to her bed). Heh.

The big red box Lisa is carrying was my birthday present for her ;)

SO ok la. I just let the pictures do the talking.

Each of us bought a ribbon clip to signify our everlasting friendship. That and the fact that we thought it was cute.

I pity you Chan Zi Yin....


Arent you one lucky man Ah Chan!

Hope you two enjoyed your birthdays ;)

Remember. AGE IS ONLY A NUMBER! hah!