Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Umbrella is Cursed

No really. It is CURSED.
Do not be fooled by this innocent looking RM12.90 Hot Market umbrella from CS.

Last week has been a very wet week. Yes indeed. It rained in the morning, the afternoon, at night. Everyday. Without fail.

I got fed up of always getting soaked by the rain whilst trying to hide under the covers of a puny foldable umbrella shared by 3. So i decided, its time to buy a proper umbrella for myself. Thats how i ended up with one Ah Ma looking blue plaid patterned umbrella.

But you see, life is very cruel.

Everytime i took the effort to carry this umbrella to lectures, lugging it around campus, getting called a grandmother, because i always semiconsciously use the umbrella as a walking cane (esp when climbing up the main stairwell in the medical bulding =.=), IT NEVER RAINS. I have never used it. Except for that one time when i thought i felt a drop of water, thus convincing myself that the time has come for my umbrella to reveal its awesomeness, only to find out that, it was Shan's saliva hitting my arm. FML.

Its not to say it didnt rain. It just happens to rain when:

1) I did not bring my umbrella

2) Im in my room stoning

3) Im sleeping



Our first PBL (Problem Based Learning) for RS (Respiratory System) is over. FINALLY.

How does a PBL work i hear you ask?

Well, we are first separated into groups of 10 according to alphabetical order. Then we are given triggers (ie sypmtoms/clues) for a case. We're supposed to discuss about the triggers, find out the cues, and look for information regarding things we dont understand. Seems simple, but the amount of research you have to do is ARRRGHHHH!!! And it contributes 30 marks to our finals!

Dont play play.

Say hello to my PBL mate's feets (can you spot mine?)

Now say hello to mine and Cheng Foong's feet.

See. I so rajin bring it to lecture halls, but always end up not using it.


That Xi Mut drink from the new cafe in CS (replacing Old Town) SUCKS. Argh. Wasted my RM3.90.


I'll be back in Subang next week Thursday :D

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