Friday, November 27, 2009


I've been so busy lately.

So. so. VERY BUSY.

I'm back in Subang! Heyho! That explains why i'm so busy ;)

But i LOVE BEING BACK HOME and I wish I don't have to leave come end of weekend :(

An extra day of holiday will make my day. Yes indeed.


Willy C. said...

Is it just me or is SW the only one posing for the camera.. XP ...n d one next to her.....*speechless*...

Btw, the pics i haven't uploaded yet..give u thru fb lar..when i uploaded it..

Christine said...

Hah! She is always camera ready! Which is a good thing. She doesnt hav to be afraid of me putting up weird poses of her, cause there is NONE! hahaha.

No worries bout the pictures :) Most of them are in my cam anyways :) The good ones at least XD