Friday, November 13, 2009

Ive been very moody. And this is one of the reason why.


I've been seeing many sides of people.

A friend whom I thought was someone I could depend on, has turned out to be a useless piece of crap. Literally. I have poured out words of concern. Shared the pain that IT was going through, just to name a few.

But in the end, all I gotten was a "thxokbai. im off to play with my new found friends whom out of no reason, have suddenly showed some interest in me."

Yes. Its a tale as old as time.

Everyone wants a bigger group of friends. Go ahead. Go. But don't discard the people who have stood by your side all these while, especially ME.

Because unlike others, who have it in their heart to forgive and forget, I DO NOT HAVE THAT COMPASSION.

I'm having a hard time right now. Deciding if you are worth my time anymore. I have half a mind to just leave you and follow my own.

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