Saturday, October 31, 2009

Im not the only one growing wiser (and older)

Erm. Backdated post a bit. No time to blog, with exams and shit. Frus!

Anyways! Twas the night of Coleen's B day and the few nights AFTER Thomson's birthday. We went out for a round of celebrations at none other than OLD TOWN! Quite sad rite but there's only so little cafes in Sungai Petani which is still open after 10pm :(

It was supposed to be a surprise birthday supper for Thomson but hoho. Plan failed miserably =.=

All of us present that night :D

When there is nothing left to eat, WE EAT SPOONs!

Green shirt people (unripe banana).

Sudden muscle spasm @.@

I don't like Old Town's tuna sandwich. Tastes like fish.

Jasper experiencing oral spasm (wait is there such a thing?)

MBBS Batch 14 + Sin Yee!

I love my statement tee.


Words of wisdom. Indeed they are :D

I can be bribed with IceLemonTea

(I take bribes in the form of sushiS as well :D)

Two days ago, KMZ treated me to 2 packets of IceLemonTea. Needless to say, I was in pure delight because I LOVE ICELEMONTEA.

I used to drink a packet almost everyday back in Year1. Totally forgotten bout my love for them during the holidays (KL wat. So many choices). But not any more! I have rekindled my long lost passion for lemon in tea!

My mood went from 70 (quite happy lar that day) to 99!

uhuh. Do the 100iceteaposes with me.

I have always wanted pouty lips (that and bigger boobs) cause it looks sexy. My current lips are so. Thin. hmm.

But with the right angle, semipouty lips are at reach! :D


All ive been doing today is juggling between sleep, online, and books. Exams are next week. Stress coming back. But its not that bad. YET.

I got lazy to go down for dinner. Again. So i cooked :D

Im quite pleased with it!

My meal contains:
carbs - maggi
protein - chili tuna
calcium - sausage with cheese inside
vitamin - milo
fibers - pear (see below pic)
*with a side of carcinogenic subtance =S
The black sauce like thing with nuts on top is actually Rojak sauce. My dearest mum brought it up for me when she came to visit me, er, 5 weeks ago. Dont worry. Still edible! *thumbs up*

See! Quite balanced right? And you people always say I dont eat properly. Look who's laughing now :D hah!

Rojak always gets me craving for icecream T___T (Veda Blu, Sabah)


ps. Will be going for the grand opening dinner at dunnowat Hotel in Penang. Not looking forward at having rich tai tais telling me how young i look (wtf i dont look 15 ok!). But I am excited about meeting new people (who knows can find prince charming there :D) and seeing old faces :)


KLA. I want to continue eating my rojak. Happy HALLOWEEN btw!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


My interview with FEMALE Magazine is out!
November issue (or was it October?)!
:D :D :D

I haven't seen it yet, but I've been getting many calls from friends and customers congratulating me and raving about it!

When they interviewed me, they asked quite a number of questions, but I think its only a small small part of an article or page or. I don't know. I haven't seen it yet =.=.

When oh when will the November issue come to Aimst IBS???

ps. I don't think there is a picture of me (paiseh want to ask customer whether got my pic anot). What a shame :(

p.p.s. They published my hp number too! I don't know where they got it from cause i didn't mention it to them. They're super efficient! :D


Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Sweet Sweet Hair

Ever felt NOT being able to focus on anything?


Studying (ok. fine. everyone has trouble in this area.)





Sleeping? (omgwtfhowcanwan.. T____T)

Well im going through it right now! I feel so effing uncomfortable! I cant focus on anything! Nothing! Zero! Ilek! I think im going to be sick. I feel a migraine developing everytime I try to think.

No its not because of unresolved feelings or things like that. I just feel physically uncomfortable =.=

My age is catching up with me! My immune system is failing me! NOOOOOO!

In attempt to divert my mind from the ongrowing migraine, and my lack of ability to do anything which requires thinking skills, i decided that now is the perfect time to do this:

Not only is my immune system failing me recently, my hair is too. It has become so dry and brittle that I feel so ashamed of it. I even succumbed to clipping my hair up with my (very big) flower clip to hide it all. Fml.

So yes. Here I am. Waiting for the chemicals to sink into my unruly hair.

Another Vera Wang piece I just couldnt resist. Only problem is the color. Dont think it goes well with the chinese wedding tradition =/


Did you know i've gotten a new pair of specs! Tho alot of people commented that it looks somewhat similar with my old one (in which i strongly disagree), I feel its absolutely worth my RM200. Fo sho!

See. I look as sexy as Eushen with my new frames :)

Apart from my new SEXY specs, 2 days ago, i, singlehandedly, managed to inflict so much pain on my friend's arm (Alex) in attempt to draw blood from his vein. NOT!


My venepuncture can be well considered a SUCCESS! :)

This is Alex (part of his hand anyways). I call him The Stick (as you can tell by his long long longgggg fingers. Envious. Have i told you i like your fingers?). He was my poor poor patient that fateful day as well as my groupmate for CSC. Thank you, you stick you! :D
This is Isaiah (gee i hope i spelled it right =.= im sorry if you have to find out that i dont know how to spell your name this way). I find this picture of him particularly yummy, what with the half smirk and. and. Ok fine. Its just the smirk :)

And this is the most brilliant student in class that day! Look at the way she handles that needle. That concentration. That determination in her eyes to draw blood from the Ribenna filled doll. That steady arms. That that that. That SEXY SPECS!


I know i know. I look like a super mega nerd with a capital N. But hah! I poked someone in the arm with a needle and didnt get sued! :)


Ok. I think im getting my mojo to study back. Weird huh.

Time to rinse off em' chemicals.

Hope the hair will turn out all nice and soft anf silky and and and Pretty!

Pray for my preicous hair alrite!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Still Waiting For Morning To Come

I dont really have a proper title for this post. Cause i dont have any clue as to what i want to write.

Lets see.

Lets talk about resolutions for next year since Year 2009 is coming to an end.

I have never made any resolution before. Mainly because im a very 'What I Want, I Get Now' kind of girl. I dont like making plans so early in advance cause:

1) Its mental torture to sit down and think about things i want to do over the course of one year.

2)I have too many and writing it all down is tiring. Yes. I have very fragile hands.

3) Save paper, save trees!

4) None of my friends do it. Peer pressure to NOT make resolutions.

5) Hoping for something and not getting it in the end can be a real bitch.

6) I have better things to do like watching KungFu Panda.

So why start now?

Cause. I lost the KungFu Panda dvd and am stuck with nothing to do.

Its as if God has shined a light onto my head and say "Go forth and write your 2010 resolutions now".

So yesh, Year 2010. The year that I turn 21!

Honestly, I dont expect much from 2010. Its just another year to me. Its just like birthdays. Its no longer as fun and cheery as it was when I was 13. Its true what people say, you grow out of things like Christmas, birthdays, Valentines as you progress older. Sad no?

MY 10 MUST DO THINGS IN 2010~~~!

since when has this not been my goal? Its frickin hard ok!

Me and Vera are meant to be together :)

Believe it or not, this have proven to be my WORST skill. I cant sustain a single relationship cause I either: get too bored OR am too bored. Its not like i dont want a real relationship. Im a hopeless romantic (i imagine myself in a Vera Wang wedding gown walking down the aisle everytime i pass a bridal store. its sadistic i know.), but i guess, wanting and actually getting it is two completely different thing altogether.

I always get invitations by organizing comittees of bazaars in KL and Selangor to open up a booth at their event, but due to study constrictions, I have to forgo all of it. I would love to meet up with all my loyal customers and hang out with famous urban chic people for a change =)

I think, i am the only person in the clan who still has virgin hair. Its never been dyed ever! Prolly cause im always broke and theres that whole 'medic students cant have dye hair' crap.

5) EARN RM30,000!
Money makes the world go round. Im still eyeing on my dream plan to buy a house up in Shanghai. Dont ask why not US, Korea, Canada. Im not Bill Gates. YET :)

As sad as this sound, i think i have a very flat ass. Its not my fault! Im genetically designed that way. How r? Anyone have any tips?

!?!?! Dont give me that shocked face now. Theres nothing wrong with NOT having a license yet. I just dont feel that its a need to have it at the moment. But i guess im tired of the routine "OMG HOW OLD ARE YOU STILL NO LICENSE YET WTF". I CAN drive and I will get my license this year JUST TO PROVE TO YOU ALL THAT I CAN DRIVE JUST DONT WANT TO. hah!

I LOVE travelling! I love love love going around, meeting new people, seeing new things, experiencing cultures! Actually, i made this pact to myself that i WILL go to at least one new place, be it a new state or a new country, or a new continent, EVERY YEAR. So far so good :) Went to Sabah this year. Its a first for me. Beautiful place. Truly.

We are only young once! Our backbones can only support us for so long before all the aches and back pains come :( Whats life if we dont enjoy?


Any other resolutions i should add?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just Go Away These Stupid Feelings of Mine

Yay i got my stethoscope last thursday!

Pure black, just like the professionals =)

Long white buttoned up blouse: Nicole
High waisted gray skirt: Some vintage online boutique
Plaid bag: KK, Sabah
Mermaid shoes: Stockist
Neck scarf (used as belt): Mum's own since the 1980s
Black super 'pro' stethoscope: Littmann


What is this am i getting myself into?

Feeling feelings that im not supposed to be feeling. Its just so wrong on so many levels! So frustrating! Feelings are touchy emo shit that i dont want to get close to.

Its damn sadistic i tell you. What i've done. Its like im back in form1 when i had my first ever mini crush (oh come on la its no big deal. Its been 7 years. Its not funny anymore =.=)

How now brown chinese geeky specs cow?

If you've notice, my msn personal msg has changed like a gazillionbillion times today. Wtfreak i dont even like MSN to start with.

"argh, everything dat im doing sounds so salah like so sial lar."

The PREDATOR reckons its just another "player" phase that im going through. He says i'll get over it soon.

Eh playing is for kids who are like 3 years younger than me k. I freakin old already, no more strength liao.

I really need my gfs right now. Where art thou CLAN members? (sorry ya, lazy to dig out photos of boon, km, and dawn)

I dont even have the mood to do business. I still have like a mountain of enquiries which i still cant be bothered to do anything about. Somemore Batch 8 items have arrived. Wtf32pairsofshoes and 6 bags + 20overclothes.

A customer asked for this shoe. I loike.

I need the time to just STOP and give me a chance for a breather. Tetapi tak bolehlah sebab tidak logik.



I just came back from a 3 day holiday in Penang island. Wahlaooooweyh chunted sial.

A half day trip became a full fledged 2 nights stay. Wtf we all are crazy ppl i tell you. We even drove all the way down to Perak before we realized that we took the wrong turn =.= As if the sight of mountains instead of sea werent clues enough.

I even got into a verbal fight with this so called "Abang". Meh. You still lose. Everything all SIGN, SEALED, AND LEGAL.

At Breeks Cafe in Gurney.
Adrian was so nice as to offer his place for us to stay. Thank you!

More on this story next time.

I must post this up though its abit belated.
Dad's 52nd birthday.
Im so thankful for everyday because of you (and mum)

I tell you i have the cheekiest parents EVER.
Still having headaches. Thank you hormones. Thank you. Not. Haih.
- Goin to Naresh's open house tomoro (i mean today. aherm.)
- Will be watching PANDORUM this Monday wif KMZ.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lub Dup

So second year started about 2 weeks ago.

Truth be told. Im not exactly happy about commencing to 2nd year.

Cause that just proves that IM GROWING OLDER =.=


Second year is all about SYSTEMS.
The Cardiovascular system was the first and it pertains the heart and blood circulation throughout the body.

We were taught about the heart structure, the nerves which innervates it, its blood supply, function, valves, tissue. etc etc. Boring stuffs.

Boring till we started this:

Auscultation of the heart. Really useful for OSCE purposes. And yes. I molested someone while ascultating him during CSC.

We also learnt about abnormal heart sounds such as heart murmurs (valvular pathology), bruits, S3 & S4. thrills and etc.

Classic example of S3 & S4 sound (gallop rhythm)

Electrocardiography (ECG) was another inevitable part of the learning guides.

They were so fascinating back when I was addicted to Gray's Anatomy.
Some patient would suddenly get a heart attack and then the alarm will go off and they'll try to. erm. I dunno. I havent learn that part yet.

Did your heart rate increase after seeing this vain picture of me?
Beep beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Congarulations. You're dead.

I just found this clip useful for studying purposes. Ignore it.

I've made 5 trips to Tesco in 2 weeks. Crazyyyyy riteeee????

You would think I would have nothing else to buy during my 5th trip (today), but HOHO. I bought a Silky Girl Green Eyeshadow, Cheese sausages, and A TOOTHBRUSH.

Not kidding about the toothbrush.



SAY 'TAK NAK' to PIZZA HUT to lower your risk of getting a heart attack! =)

Saturday, October 3, 2009



This song is AWESOME.

Thinking about performing it during. erm. shower?

Must watch MV!

Artist: Girl's Generation
Song: Gee

Their dance is soooo good!!!!!!

And their killer bods! Omg I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The girls are too pretty and too hot to be true.

Plastic surgery?

Arent I a converter or what :)