Saturday, October 31, 2009

I can be bribed with IceLemonTea

(I take bribes in the form of sushiS as well :D)

Two days ago, KMZ treated me to 2 packets of IceLemonTea. Needless to say, I was in pure delight because I LOVE ICELEMONTEA.

I used to drink a packet almost everyday back in Year1. Totally forgotten bout my love for them during the holidays (KL wat. So many choices). But not any more! I have rekindled my long lost passion for lemon in tea!

My mood went from 70 (quite happy lar that day) to 99!

uhuh. Do the 100iceteaposes with me.

I have always wanted pouty lips (that and bigger boobs) cause it looks sexy. My current lips are so. Thin. hmm.

But with the right angle, semipouty lips are at reach! :D


All ive been doing today is juggling between sleep, online, and books. Exams are next week. Stress coming back. But its not that bad. YET.

I got lazy to go down for dinner. Again. So i cooked :D

Im quite pleased with it!

My meal contains:
carbs - maggi
protein - chili tuna
calcium - sausage with cheese inside
vitamin - milo
fibers - pear (see below pic)
*with a side of carcinogenic subtance =S
The black sauce like thing with nuts on top is actually Rojak sauce. My dearest mum brought it up for me when she came to visit me, er, 5 weeks ago. Dont worry. Still edible! *thumbs up*

See! Quite balanced right? And you people always say I dont eat properly. Look who's laughing now :D hah!

Rojak always gets me craving for icecream T___T (Veda Blu, Sabah)


ps. Will be going for the grand opening dinner at dunnowat Hotel in Penang. Not looking forward at having rich tai tais telling me how young i look (wtf i dont look 15 ok!). But I am excited about meeting new people (who knows can find prince charming there :D) and seeing old faces :)


KLA. I want to continue eating my rojak. Happy HALLOWEEN btw!

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