Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lub Dup

So second year started about 2 weeks ago.

Truth be told. Im not exactly happy about commencing to 2nd year.

Cause that just proves that IM GROWING OLDER =.=


Second year is all about SYSTEMS.
The Cardiovascular system was the first and it pertains the heart and blood circulation throughout the body.

We were taught about the heart structure, the nerves which innervates it, its blood supply, function, valves, tissue. etc etc. Boring stuffs.

Boring till we started this:

Auscultation of the heart. Really useful for OSCE purposes. And yes. I molested someone while ascultating him during CSC.

We also learnt about abnormal heart sounds such as heart murmurs (valvular pathology), bruits, S3 & S4. thrills and etc.

Classic example of S3 & S4 sound (gallop rhythm)

Electrocardiography (ECG) was another inevitable part of the learning guides.

They were so fascinating back when I was addicted to Gray's Anatomy.
Some patient would suddenly get a heart attack and then the alarm will go off and they'll try to. erm. I dunno. I havent learn that part yet.

Did your heart rate increase after seeing this vain picture of me?
Beep beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Congarulations. You're dead.

I just found this clip useful for studying purposes. Ignore it.

I've made 5 trips to Tesco in 2 weeks. Crazyyyyy riteeee????

You would think I would have nothing else to buy during my 5th trip (today), but HOHO. I bought a Silky Girl Green Eyeshadow, Cheese sausages, and A TOOTHBRUSH.

Not kidding about the toothbrush.



SAY 'TAK NAK' to PIZZA HUT to lower your risk of getting a heart attack! =)


elizabeth tee said...

Welcome to applicable medicine =)
I personally like this part better rather than drowning myself in a sea of notes.

Are you a theory or a practical person?=)

Christine said...

Hear hear!

Practicals are way more fun than theory! Practicals are the only classes that I dont find myself falling asleep in. Lol!