Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Sweet Sweet Hair

Ever felt NOT being able to focus on anything?


Studying (ok. fine. everyone has trouble in this area.)





Sleeping? (omgwtfhowcanwan.. T____T)

Well im going through it right now! I feel so effing uncomfortable! I cant focus on anything! Nothing! Zero! Ilek! I think im going to be sick. I feel a migraine developing everytime I try to think.

No its not because of unresolved feelings or things like that. I just feel physically uncomfortable =.=

My age is catching up with me! My immune system is failing me! NOOOOOO!

In attempt to divert my mind from the ongrowing migraine, and my lack of ability to do anything which requires thinking skills, i decided that now is the perfect time to do this:

Not only is my immune system failing me recently, my hair is too. It has become so dry and brittle that I feel so ashamed of it. I even succumbed to clipping my hair up with my (very big) flower clip to hide it all. Fml.

So yes. Here I am. Waiting for the chemicals to sink into my unruly hair.

Another Vera Wang piece I just couldnt resist. Only problem is the color. Dont think it goes well with the chinese wedding tradition =/


Did you know i've gotten a new pair of specs! Tho alot of people commented that it looks somewhat similar with my old one (in which i strongly disagree), I feel its absolutely worth my RM200. Fo sho!

See. I look as sexy as Eushen with my new frames :)

Apart from my new SEXY specs, 2 days ago, i, singlehandedly, managed to inflict so much pain on my friend's arm (Alex) in attempt to draw blood from his vein. NOT!


My venepuncture can be well considered a SUCCESS! :)

This is Alex (part of his hand anyways). I call him The Stick (as you can tell by his long long longgggg fingers. Envious. Have i told you i like your fingers?). He was my poor poor patient that fateful day as well as my groupmate for CSC. Thank you, you stick you! :D
This is Isaiah (gee i hope i spelled it right =.= im sorry if you have to find out that i dont know how to spell your name this way). I find this picture of him particularly yummy, what with the half smirk and. and. Ok fine. Its just the smirk :)

And this is the most brilliant student in class that day! Look at the way she handles that needle. That concentration. That determination in her eyes to draw blood from the Ribenna filled doll. That steady arms. That that that. That SEXY SPECS!


I know i know. I look like a super mega nerd with a capital N. But hah! I poked someone in the arm with a needle and didnt get sued! :)


Ok. I think im getting my mojo to study back. Weird huh.

Time to rinse off em' chemicals.

Hope the hair will turn out all nice and soft anf silky and and and Pretty!

Pray for my preicous hair alrite!

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