Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just Go Away These Stupid Feelings of Mine

Yay i got my stethoscope last thursday!

Pure black, just like the professionals =)

Long white buttoned up blouse: Nicole
High waisted gray skirt: Some vintage online boutique
Plaid bag: KK, Sabah
Mermaid shoes: Stockist
Neck scarf (used as belt): Mum's own since the 1980s
Black super 'pro' stethoscope: Littmann


What is this am i getting myself into?

Feeling feelings that im not supposed to be feeling. Its just so wrong on so many levels! So frustrating! Feelings are touchy emo shit that i dont want to get close to.

Its damn sadistic i tell you. What i've done. Its like im back in form1 when i had my first ever mini crush (oh come on la its no big deal. Its been 7 years. Its not funny anymore =.=)

How now brown chinese geeky specs cow?

If you've notice, my msn personal msg has changed like a gazillionbillion times today. Wtfreak i dont even like MSN to start with.

"argh, everything dat im doing sounds so salah like so sial lar."

The PREDATOR reckons its just another "player" phase that im going through. He says i'll get over it soon.

Eh playing is for kids who are like 3 years younger than me k. I freakin old already, no more strength liao.

I really need my gfs right now. Where art thou CLAN members? (sorry ya, lazy to dig out photos of boon, km, and dawn)

I dont even have the mood to do business. I still have like a mountain of enquiries which i still cant be bothered to do anything about. Somemore Batch 8 items have arrived. Wtf32pairsofshoes and 6 bags + 20overclothes.

A customer asked for this shoe. I loike.

I need the time to just STOP and give me a chance for a breather. Tetapi tak bolehlah sebab tidak logik.



I just came back from a 3 day holiday in Penang island. Wahlaooooweyh chunted sial.

A half day trip became a full fledged 2 nights stay. Wtf we all are crazy ppl i tell you. We even drove all the way down to Perak before we realized that we took the wrong turn =.= As if the sight of mountains instead of sea werent clues enough.

I even got into a verbal fight with this so called "Abang". Meh. You still lose. Everything all SIGN, SEALED, AND LEGAL.

At Breeks Cafe in Gurney.
Adrian was so nice as to offer his place for us to stay. Thank you!

More on this story next time.

I must post this up though its abit belated.
Dad's 52nd birthday.
Im so thankful for everyday because of you (and mum)

I tell you i have the cheekiest parents EVER.
Still having headaches. Thank you hormones. Thank you. Not. Haih.
- Goin to Naresh's open house tomoro (i mean today. aherm.)
- Will be watching PANDORUM this Monday wif KMZ.

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