Thursday, February 26, 2009

Saja..... Yay MBBS Batch 14!

Now only do i notice my hair looks awesome from the side :P

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shopping and My Heels ;)

Okay. Am starting to realize that my blog is resembling somewhat of cows'.

SO neways. You guys should I know I just finished my 2 week long exam. *next one coming up in 7 weeks time.

Went to CS that very day itself. Treating ourselves to the enjoyment that we've been deprived of for the past 1 month (or more for some :P) An all girls only outing. No boys allowed (as we wont want them to see us in our craziest, jumping from one shop to the other, pouncing on the aunties whos only fault was that they were holding up traffic at the sales bin.)
7 of us went. Cant upload the group pic cause something's wrong with It wouldnt let me upload my innocent pictures. Only can upload 2. Isssssshhhhhh....

You'reprobably wondering why does my title says 'Shopping and MY HEELS'. Its cause my shoes have become quite the centre of attention that day. NO kidding.

Aunties were like "Where did you buy that from?", etc etc etc. It was the first time my hp number dapat such permintaan hangat from aunties and yes, uncles who wants to buy it for their wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, neice, mother, mother in law, sister in law, cat, etc etc..... Awesome, but quite creepy. Seriously. Even when I said I got it online and that its all SOLD OUT, they insisted to get my hp number and asked me to pass them the url for it. Zzzzz.... Do i look like such a free and wu liao person?

Needless to say, Im so proud of myself and my fashion sense. Hahaha. Ok ok. Self praise is no praise. But we cant devoid ourselves from the truth rite ;)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sex in Christine

The Carrie Bradshaw Heels.

If you dont know whats that, just shoot yourself. Please. To make the world a much more fashionable world to live in.


As seen on Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in the City!

And im planning to buy one! RM 165!

Awesome right?? Im leaning towards the Pewter colored heels =)
Im bringing the Sex out of the City and into Christine
Oh. Its never too early to get me a birthday present *winks.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine no.19

The obligatory 'HAAAAYYYPEEEE Valentines ppl!'

Its that time of the year again.

The time when girlfriends get showered with gifts.

And the time boyfriends go broke.

The time when girls grow fat cause their boyfriends are so inconsiderably stupid and buys them not one but a whole box of chocolates.

And the time when animals were harmed in the making of chocolates (damn you animal bastards)

The time when boyfriends bring their girlfriends out for a romantic candle light dinner
(making them even more fatter)

The time when girlfriends love to leave 'remember what to get me for next Valentines' signs.

The time when girls go all out to sexually impress their partners with sexy lingerie
(does not apply to fat people)

The time when bedrooms are not only used for sleeping....

Leading to a rise in condom sales.

The time when sappy cheesy Valentine cards are being sold.

"If I were 2 buy u a bunch of roses, I would place a plastic 1 in the middle, then say "My love ll b the last one to die".Happy Valentine's Day"

The time when anti Valentines people a.k.a Single people decides to mock those who are 'blessed'.

The time when anti Valentines people a.k.a Single people who wants to mock those who are 'blessed' but have no balls to do so, bakes a cupcake and write self encouraging words on top, telling themselves 'why need to couple couple? Got myself enough d wert...'


The time when girls turn diabetic either cause their stupid boyfriends treated them to too much food


Single people feeding themselves tubs of ice-cream or what they thought was harmless sweet sugary delights.

Which soon, they will only be able to eat this for the rest of their remaining life.

But despite all that,

Valentine still rocks.

hahahaha! XD Sorry for creating the drama there! LOL.


On a whole different note,

I have to say, this Valentines, though spending it in Aimst, was quite an interesting one indeed.

And now, decisions must be made ;)

Hope i'll make the right ones this time round.

Wish me luck peeps!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

First time. I gave it my all.

It was such a wild and wicked night. The amount of liquid involved, the moans and the groans, the constant ah ah AHHHHHssss..

"I can't go on... Its sooo painful... Please stop...."

Completely dejected. Picked upon like a piece of meat and being ravaged by the hungerous ever thirsty wolves. They wanted to see me at my best. Pushing me more. "You can do better than this! Put it more effort! PUSH harder!!!!!"

Hair is a mess. Tears and sweat dripping. Boy. I could fill up a swimming pool with it. The amount of fats and carbs lost. So strenuous. Oh so strenuous.

I was clawing onto them. Not letting go. Wanting to prove I can and WILL see this through. Not wanting to be socially labelled as a 'loser' due to my lack of skills in this area.

I felt so lost. So blur after the whole process. Now i have become like the 'other' people i was always afraid i will become. Oh no.

I cant even look at myself the same anymore.






My books were so worn out after that night XD

(and yes i know i look like crap. Pre-exam stress. On a different note, i look so sexay in smk usj 13's shirt ey? Semangat Tiga Belas!)

Wolves = Lecturers, Liquid = Iced Lemon Tea (xplanation for those who are lost. But im sure you guys are not la. Cause then you must really question yourself, how could you possibly be my friend if you cant get what im trying to imply XD Loads of crap. Im just full of it today. Wheeeee)

4 3 more papers and counting.