Monday, July 28, 2008

There you go V.. =)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Arriving At A Cinema Near You

City Harvest's 7th Anniversary

Thanks Dic-Syen. Without your invite, I wouldve missed such a great night. Picking up from where I left off in the last post. So, after hanging out with Adrian C, Dic-Syen picked me up from Pyramid and drove me to City Harvest.


There were sooooo many people!

Neways, since Im very lazy to write, i'll do PhotoBlogging today! I dont have much pics. But do enjoy!


We were screaming, and singing, and jumping! It was sooooo fun! We were all in the mood for partay! I think its because 99% of the crowd are comprised of raging hormonal young adults. Most of them are studying in colleges nearby (Sunway, Monash, Inti, Taylors, Metropolitan..).

Thats the Pastor talking. Pastor's top is soooo cute! The style he was going for was the sweater top over a collared shirt. Its suppose to look smart. But it was so obvious that both pieces were sewn together. Failed as a 2 piece. Why do I say its cute? Well, its cute when pastor tries to pull of the look :D

Yea i know. Im weird.

A member of the church performing a song. (forgotten what song liao. Sori!)

The 3 violinists. They were great to listen to. Its nice to hear these soft ballads every once in a while.

Well, there were actually alot more performances going on. But I only bothered to take a few pics. So sori.

After party:

Jasmine, Me, and Huey Ching.

Me and Dic-Syen

Dic-Syen, me and Huey Ching (note the decreasing height. From the tallest, Dic-Syen till Huey Ching =p)

Omg. They were even selling J.CO. Smart ppl.

After enjoying myself at such a concert, me and Dic-Syen decided to go makan. He asked me to pick a place. Guess where I suggested.





KFC =)





My main reason for going to Kfc is because I wanted to proceed with my pork plan try the Honey Pickled Twister. Really! Serious! =0 hehe.

I do miss some of them (not the fierce lady manager tho). And they remember me =) Its nice to know Im not forgotten eventhough I only worked with them for 6 days. Thanks guys.


Ratings: 9.5/10 ( I lOVE IT!)


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Patience yea.. SOON.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adrian and His Day Off

Remember Adrian? The Short Adrian. Whooopss.. I mean The Shorter Adrian. He's not that short =p

*Quick update on Adrian Calvin*

1. Work?

-> He is currently working at Sunway Pyramid's Padini, under Seed. If you had ever dreamed of torturing Adrian, now is your BEST and ONLY chance!!!! Take it! It doesnt get better than this. TRUST me. After years of having our playful catfights, I would know how sharp his tongue can be. You CANT WIN. So take this oppurtunity and ATTACK!!

2. Availability status?

-> hmmmm... Think I should keep it P&C

3. Studies?

-> Currently awaiting the next intake for business in Monash. Karmern! You're gonna get such an interesting junior! hehe..

4. Looks?
-> Much more better looking than the last time I saw him. Truly. Honestly. Sincerely.

5. Height status?

->Still the same!!! Hahahahahahahahahah!!! (I am officially taller than him. Oh hell yea..)


So anyways, Adrian was having his day off. Feeling bored, he asked me out to go jalan-jalan and catch up on stuffs AND of course, to make fun of my KFC job. Damn.

He picked me up and drove all the way to pyramid to meet Boon who coincidently is there shopping as well. Unfortunately for Boon, such a happy day for shopping turned sour when she lost her newly bought Padini pants. My pity is on you Boon. Boon had to leave cause she has work.

So, it was just me, and Adrian. With nothing to do, I brought him to......................

The Whoring Stands.

Adrian performing his magic. Now you see his body, now you DONT!

After having a brief WHORE-OF-A-TIME, we decided to head on down to Sakae Sushi. We werent hungry and we were ON THE VERGE OF BROKEDNE$$$$$$, but we dont want to be one of those losers walking around the mall aimlessly (gosh.. How many times have I done that before)

So I concocted a plan.

~The Plan~

We enter Sakae Sushi.
Act all rich and fancy.
Demand for the best seats in the room.

And then,
Order only 1 plate of Salmon sushi and shamelessly sit around for an hour plus.


I love the concept and ambience in Sakae Sushi.


Oh yea, while walking around, we saw this.

God knows what is this. It looks like someone has too many flowers on her hands, and she decided to glu them all together to create this 'masterpiece'.

Eh.. You people have no other work to do r??? Flowers have life also okay. Damn FLOWER KILLER.

Anyhows.. Adrian have to leave cause he has some Bhuddist prayer thing to attend and I have to stay in Pyramid cause Dic-Syen has to pick me up and send me to City Harvest to attend their 7th Anniversary Celebrations! (it seriously rawkssss! Next post. Keep a look out!)

Before I end this post, I wont be Christine if I leave my 'enemy' unscratched. haha..



Now thats the Adrian we all knew! heheh..

Will blog about it soon.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My Chicken Job

Im sure you guys already know that I started working at KFC about a week ago thx to all you big mouthed ppl (n then resign 6 days later =P). Since I am no longer a KFC staff, I guess I am legally free to blog bout KFC.

I dont really have much to complain about KFC. Other than the fact that I hate standing around and wiping tables and being way way underpayed for the job I am doing, I have nothing else to complain.

They have a good management team. Great teamwork and great communication. In the beginning, I doubt I would be able to make any friends at all since all the staffs are Malays. But. They have welcomed me with such open arms. Treated me as they treated each other. We laughed and joked together eventhough it was just 6 days. Thank you Ain and Sam. Thank you Mr.Tana and everyone else there whose names I dont remember (Soriiii... Its hard to remember everyone's name is such a short period of time. Sori sori!).

I dont really have much pics cause who the hell carries a camera to work?! I do have my 1.3MP handphone. Explains the blurry pictures. Soriiii yea!

I usually run to the toilet, find a clean and dry spot and plonk my ass on the ground when i want a paid break =p

This is where I work. The C and C Department. No idea what c&c means. Never bothered to ask. But I know it has something to do with customer care service.

There's usually where I stand while I await for humans to finish their meal so I can scrap their leftovers into those huge dumpsters. Its a noble job ok! Who else will clean up after you if its not for us!!!!

This is the mini storage room. They store all the ketchup and tissues and plastic spoons and packets of Milo in it and flour and all sorts of stuffs. Its kinda crammy in here.

The door to Chicken Hell. Be afraid. Very afraid.

Yup guys. The chicken you eat are stored in here. The freezer. Stacked in those yellow baskets.


There is one good thing that I have learned from this job experience. It made me realize how much food people waste each day.

I used to think: "Aiya... Left little bit food only. Nevermind la. Just throw away only la."

Africa wouldve called us Gods if we gave them the amount of food we throw.

Yea it seems harmless. But think about it. If I throw abit, you throw abit, they throw abit. Sooner or later, its not gonna be abit anymore.

I took a vow never to waste again, and i had made my thoughts quite clear. I have played my part. How about you?


After a hard day at work, its time to eat. The food is complimentary from KFC. Its not bad ler. But if I have to eat it everyday for the next month, I might just die. haha. But seriously. I might.


The Two USJ 20 Boys

The Two USJ 20 Boys

The following took place on the 14th of July 2008.. Sori.. Told you I was having difficulties finding time to blog. Im slowly trying to blog my way up to the present. Dont worry, I will blog bout Genting and the Mufy Grad Dinner and my KFC job and the Crazyyy Nite we had yesterday and Rooben's Farewell. Please be patient with me people.. =)

Went out for dinner with Justin and Darren, the 2 Usj 20 folks together with Dawn, Hema, and Boon. We were suppose to eat at Station 1, but since it was not air-condtioned, Boon freaked out and made us go to Swensons! I have a feeling Hema was behind it too..
Anyways, Darren drove Boon, Hema and Dawn from Taipan all the way to Subang Parade just for Swensons. But alas, Swensons was close! I can imagine the moaning and the sighings that guaranteed happened.. Pity pity.. haha.. Thank God I came late. It spared me the walk all the way to Swensons. hahahaa...!
So, yet again, a change of venue. This time, it was Manhattan Fishmarket (that freakin pricey place!).
NOOOOOOO!!! I am like so damn broke!! Good thing I ate at home =p Only ordered drinks. Boon and Hema ordered the Manhattan Seafood Platter which costs like RM30 for a plate of seafood. Damn. Expensive..

For that kind of price, come on! You gotta put on a show!
The guy is torching the cheese on top of the seafood so it melts and covers the plate. Mmmm... Sounds delicious!

Burn cheese BURN!!!!

Damn you cheese, I SAID MELT! haha..

This is all of us present. No introductions neccesary.

haha.. Spies-r-us.

Justin. Your head too big la! hahahaha!


Justin, Darren, Me and Dawn.

We hearts you! Alarrr Darren, dun be afraid of the love!

1% of the time. SERIOUS conversations.

99% of the time. Laughing and joking like mad.


I think it was about 10.10pm. Sooooo dark. Soooo empty.. Creepy.. Subang parade is officially dead at 10.



So we decided to go AC (again.. zzzzz..) to play pool. haha.. I am now addicted to pool. And since the master of pool, Darren aka Little Eye the Samurai is here with us, thought we could get some lessons from him. hahaha..

So half of us followed Darren's car, and the other half of us followed Justin's car.






*walking walking walking.







This is your car?! Damn you! Its a Toyota Hilux. I dont really know how much it costs, but I do know one thing. Toyota cars are pricey!
Not bad ler for a 19 year old. Well, he does co-own a grilling business. So he does need a sturdy car to carry heavy stuffs around.


Reached AC. Boon and Dawn had to go back. Parents didnt allow them to go pooling with us.

Actually playing pool doesnt mean that we are automaticly put in the same category as those lala girls and guys or part of a triad or a slut or a bad girl. Its actually a nice game and I do enjoy playing it. It doesnt mean Im one of those kind of girls rite.. My perspectives on this really changed when I started playing pool. No longer am I the girl who thought Pool is for stupid asses who dont have any life and are wasting their life away. Pool is a sport.

Darren yet to show off his hidden skills. Note the hair. Its all down.

No longer is he Darren Here, the guy who lives in USJ 20 and has teeny weeny eyes. He is now Little Eye, the Small Eyed Samurai. (note the hair!)

Im still noob li. Pose all salah d.. haha..

Justin's turn. haha.. Its good to have him. He always shoot the 8 ball in. Meaning victory goes to us girls!

Hema's first time playing pool. If im not mistaken. Not bad hema!


After playing I think around an hour and a half, Justin's tummy started growling like a hungry whale. So.. haha.. Its quite obvious what we did after pool...

Heheh.. Me and the SiHam and Justin's Honeydew blended!

SiHam and Stingray.


The SiHam has earned a picture on its own. It was DELICIOUS!


Me and Justin, future lawyer cum construction boss. Give me a god discount yeah!

Hema enjoying her stingray.


After finish makan, it was about 1.30am d. Justin sent me home cause I live in USJ 20 oso mar.. Thats about it for today.

N oh yea. Did I mention my mum was robbed at a petrol station today. At the BHP petrol station near Monash there. So be carefull guys. =(

The End!