Saturday, July 12, 2008

Asia Cafe

Asia Cafe

Its Saturday nite again. The usual dinner with close buddies. Again, we ended up in Asia Cafe. hahahaha.. Aiyo.... haha..

I barely had enough time to take my bath after a superduper fun day in Sri Kl. Yea! I know! So much going on today right..

Morning: Futsal
Afternoon: Sri Kl
Evening: AC

Must start to cut back on playing d... T.T Play too much until no time to blog. All blog old dated d.. T.T
Anyhoos. This is me on the way to AC.

There was a slight jam. So...... haha....

Finally reach! Yay! Hungry d!

Turn right.

Turn left.

Turn straight. EEEEEKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSS! hahahaha!

Time to make you people drool.. wakakakakaka..

Mmmm... Stingrays...

Chicken chop..

More stingrays... yumm...

I look constipated =.=

Hahaha.. Take 2! I look less constipated d! (All released d =p)

Noel in.

Me and Karmern.

Pity jon... He stepped on this.. Ewwwww...

So after having such a heavy dinner, we decided to try out a new dessert shop.

Bean's. Wonder wheter we can see Mr. Bean preparing our yummylicious desserts...

1/4 of th menu..

Oooohhhh!!! We found something interesting on our table!

We're not sure what it is.. But it seriously look like... you know. THAT.

Boxes of...... ??????

Detailed view. Plz do tell us miserable kids what are these..

Karmern and her peanut soup.. Its really nice and sweet. Definately for all sweet-toothers like me!

Jon enjoying his Mango Ice Shave.

Me and my Honeydew Ice Shave!

Me and Jon =)

My honeydew balls. U guys need it more than I do. SERIOUSLY. ROFTL.

The END!

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