Monday, July 21, 2008

My Chicken Job

Im sure you guys already know that I started working at KFC about a week ago thx to all you big mouthed ppl (n then resign 6 days later =P). Since I am no longer a KFC staff, I guess I am legally free to blog bout KFC.

I dont really have much to complain about KFC. Other than the fact that I hate standing around and wiping tables and being way way underpayed for the job I am doing, I have nothing else to complain.

They have a good management team. Great teamwork and great communication. In the beginning, I doubt I would be able to make any friends at all since all the staffs are Malays. But. They have welcomed me with such open arms. Treated me as they treated each other. We laughed and joked together eventhough it was just 6 days. Thank you Ain and Sam. Thank you Mr.Tana and everyone else there whose names I dont remember (Soriiii... Its hard to remember everyone's name is such a short period of time. Sori sori!).

I dont really have much pics cause who the hell carries a camera to work?! I do have my 1.3MP handphone. Explains the blurry pictures. Soriiii yea!

I usually run to the toilet, find a clean and dry spot and plonk my ass on the ground when i want a paid break =p

This is where I work. The C and C Department. No idea what c&c means. Never bothered to ask. But I know it has something to do with customer care service.

There's usually where I stand while I await for humans to finish their meal so I can scrap their leftovers into those huge dumpsters. Its a noble job ok! Who else will clean up after you if its not for us!!!!

This is the mini storage room. They store all the ketchup and tissues and plastic spoons and packets of Milo in it and flour and all sorts of stuffs. Its kinda crammy in here.

The door to Chicken Hell. Be afraid. Very afraid.

Yup guys. The chicken you eat are stored in here. The freezer. Stacked in those yellow baskets.


There is one good thing that I have learned from this job experience. It made me realize how much food people waste each day.

I used to think: "Aiya... Left little bit food only. Nevermind la. Just throw away only la."

Africa wouldve called us Gods if we gave them the amount of food we throw.

Yea it seems harmless. But think about it. If I throw abit, you throw abit, they throw abit. Sooner or later, its not gonna be abit anymore.

I took a vow never to waste again, and i had made my thoughts quite clear. I have played my part. How about you?


After a hard day at work, its time to eat. The food is complimentary from KFC. Its not bad ler. But if I have to eat it everyday for the next month, I might just die. haha. But seriously. I might.


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