Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Slow But Sure Development of my Abs.

The SLOW But Sure Development of MY ABS

WAHHH... So tired.... This whole weekend was like sports sports sports 24.7.

There was Badminton on Friday.

Humans involved:
Christine Sexylicous Wong
Lay Boon

Jia you jia you! Gambateh!!!!

Wahhh... Look soo serious.. BUT WAIT! What is this I spot??

Pandainyer posing.. haha..

Me n cow. Boon n Dawn not yet arrive. If not can camwhore all together.. =(
Futsal on Saturday

Humans Who Are Too Free:
Christine Sexylicious Defender cum Goalie Wong ^^
Hema aka Mooo..

Only got 2 girls.. Kena bullied... T.T lol.. haha.. AS IF the guys will dare.. Muahahahaha!

*list continues with the guys..


Humans who came late:
The Number 13 guy (sorii.. I forgotten ur name... *guilty*)

Hmmm... Feel like Im missing someone.. Oh well... SORI Ya..

Some stupid tournament for wannabe futsallers. (ok. That was abit bias.... But ARGH.. They were ALL BUTT UGLY GUYS... It PAINS MY EYES...)

A row of butt ugly humans after their "TOURNAMENT"

Dicsyen and Daniel! (What the hell is wrong with my cam!!?? Y so dark wan... So creepy. Makes me wonder, is Dicsyen really Dicsyen OR could it be something else that looks like him? *shivers.. Shit... Sure cannot fall asleep later...)

Random shots of the game - I risked my precious camera to take a few pics so I can upload it into my blog for your veiwing pleasure. So nice of me rite!!

Beginning of the game. Everyone still so SELAMBA..

A missed goal.

Dicsyen looks like a tree growing in a field of grass. =)

Kevin wiF the ball. Kevin's one of the best player out there lo. Been training since forever.. *claps

Kevin showing some football skills (But it seriously looks like a retarded version of the Egyptian Walk. XD Walk Kevin Walk!!!!)

Lol.. Ok ok.. Azrai the GREAT STRIKER.

Awww... Little brother keeps taking care of us.. So guai...

2 Goalkeepers guarding the same goal. So?? Cannot ar.. GURL POWER!! muahahahaha!!

They brought 'Sexy Back' -Game end-

Hema and Me (With our free pepsi. Thx Dan!) & Dicsyen

Bloody hell.

My plot to block Dicsyen's head so he looks shorter. FAILED. DAMMIT.

Nvm. There are other ways for revenge. Muahahahahahaha!!! (Sori hema, i know u are innocent. But i couldnt control myself!!)

Kla. One nice one.

Attempting to take a pic with us 4 who are squeezing behind Kev's car.

Attempt #1:

NOTE: Notice Adrian's head turning in slow-mo.




Attempt #2:




Attempt #3:




Attempt #4:




Attempt #5:*



Final Attempt:

*In Adrians' head: "Wahliuuu... That Christine taking a picture with my handsome face inside free of charge. I should charge her.. Damn... Too late d.."

Ouch. I can feel the pain.

We are like promoting Pepsi. Maybe we can get Pepsi endorsements soon! *crosses finger..

Bye bye tall person..!

Jonathan the Smurf/// Kevin the FOC Driver

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