Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Felyn's Return to Sunny Malaysia

Felyn has returned to Sunny Malaysia again for a visit after migrating to US Minnesota. She invited me and Hema to her aunt's house to eat some home-cooked Malaysian meal - SATAY. Mmmmm... Yummy... Felyn's sis rawks at cooking! Seriously can rival those xpensive-ass Satay joints anyday.

Ohya. Forgot to mention that this is the same day I took my Undang lecture =p muahahahaha!

Anyhoos! Hema's mum was suppose to send both me n cow to Felyn's place. But she first have to buy a present for a kid who is apparently very annoying (or so Cow says.. Muahahahaha). So we made a pit stop at pyramid! ^^ Jusco is like a mother's heaven for buying presents and a father's hell. So its only obvious that we went to Jusco. I'll let the pictures do the talking =) This was before my sayang hp got STOLEN =( FUCK!



A Mushroom! Sooo CUTE....!

My BEAUTIFUL HP... T.T (I know I've never said it to you before. Hope Im not too late. I LOVE YOU)

Hello Mirror! Hows the white handbag?? I dont know wheter I should get it anot.. Feedbacks anyone? (I am doom to love handbags with pockets...)


Met some interesting people in Jusco.

Meet my new bf! He is always close at hand!

So what if he's 2/3 my height!? Can ur bf suck? hahahahahaha..

Peeweet.. Check out MY sexylicious hair! hahahaha.. (thank u portable fans!)

Me being stupid.


Okay.. Now back to the main topic. Felyn! So after the shopping, cow's dad n mum dropped us off at Felyn's aunt house. Diane's boyfriend was there too. Bf scale - 9.5 out of 10. He is simply gentleman like! The house is loaded with antiques and trinkets from all around the world. I especially heart their mini food magnets! OMFG. SO cuuuteeee!

I am still waiting on felyn to pass me the pics of the food. All i have is the pics of the pie. Will post once it comes. But trust me lo. Its better you dont see it. Later when you drooool all over you comp, you'll blame me.. hahaha.. Its THAT GOOD.

Anyhoos. Felyn made us something very American-ny. Apple crumble pie! Felyn insisted she made it all by herself.. But Diane claims Felyn did the cutting n peeling of the apples ONLY. Hahah.. Dont worry Fel! We still love you and YOUR apple crumble pie!!

Ze Apple Crumble Pie made by Chef Felyn

Apple Crumble Pie with a scoop of IceCream and cow's Ka Le Fehh red specs... muahahahaha..

You can never ask for a better model to pose with the apple pie. ~I can make you famous. Trust in me~ That wil be RM100000000000.

Trying to act chio. I think I failed quite miserably.. NOT. hahahaha..

Cow, Fel, n Mua.. Muaks!

Diane in the middle.. Thanks for cooking yea.. ^^

Felyn putting up barb wires wround the house so NO ONE CAN STEAL HER SELFMADE APPLE CRUMBLE PIE! Beware! GRRRR... hahahhahahah!


After finishing the meal, Diane friends came. 6 guys. Older than me and cow by a year. They are my schoolmates. Sadly, I have no idea who they are. I only know Dennis. Know him? He is the So You Think You Can Dance 1st runnerup.

Handsome rite.. Muahahahaha... Everyone start being jealous now! Congrats on winning 1st runner up in SYTYCD and the winner in Battleground.

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