Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adrian and His Day Off

Remember Adrian? The Short Adrian. Whooopss.. I mean The Shorter Adrian. He's not that short =p

*Quick update on Adrian Calvin*

1. Work?

-> He is currently working at Sunway Pyramid's Padini, under Seed. If you had ever dreamed of torturing Adrian, now is your BEST and ONLY chance!!!! Take it! It doesnt get better than this. TRUST me. After years of having our playful catfights, I would know how sharp his tongue can be. You CANT WIN. So take this oppurtunity and ATTACK!!

2. Availability status?

-> hmmmm... Think I should keep it P&C

3. Studies?

-> Currently awaiting the next intake for business in Monash. Karmern! You're gonna get such an interesting junior! hehe..

4. Looks?
-> Much more better looking than the last time I saw him. Truly. Honestly. Sincerely.

5. Height status?

->Still the same!!! Hahahahahahahahahah!!! (I am officially taller than him. Oh hell yea..)


So anyways, Adrian was having his day off. Feeling bored, he asked me out to go jalan-jalan and catch up on stuffs AND of course, to make fun of my KFC job. Damn.

He picked me up and drove all the way to pyramid to meet Boon who coincidently is there shopping as well. Unfortunately for Boon, such a happy day for shopping turned sour when she lost her newly bought Padini pants. My pity is on you Boon. Boon had to leave cause she has work.

So, it was just me, and Adrian. With nothing to do, I brought him to......................

The Whoring Stands.

Adrian performing his magic. Now you see his body, now you DONT!

After having a brief WHORE-OF-A-TIME, we decided to head on down to Sakae Sushi. We werent hungry and we were ON THE VERGE OF BROKEDNE$$$$$$, but we dont want to be one of those losers walking around the mall aimlessly (gosh.. How many times have I done that before)

So I concocted a plan.

~The Plan~

We enter Sakae Sushi.
Act all rich and fancy.
Demand for the best seats in the room.

And then,
Order only 1 plate of Salmon sushi and shamelessly sit around for an hour plus.


I love the concept and ambience in Sakae Sushi.


Oh yea, while walking around, we saw this.

God knows what is this. It looks like someone has too many flowers on her hands, and she decided to glu them all together to create this 'masterpiece'.

Eh.. You people have no other work to do r??? Flowers have life also okay. Damn FLOWER KILLER.

Anyhows.. Adrian have to leave cause he has some Bhuddist prayer thing to attend and I have to stay in Pyramid cause Dic-Syen has to pick me up and send me to City Harvest to attend their 7th Anniversary Celebrations! (it seriously rawkssss! Next post. Keep a look out!)

Before I end this post, I wont be Christine if I leave my 'enemy' unscratched. haha..



Now thats the Adrian we all knew! heheh..


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