Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Year of the Tiger *ROAR*


What CNY would it be without a visit back to your hometown?
*FYI im a Sarawakian :)*

Met someone familiar in (of all places) LCCT! Ying wai, don't forget our London deal! :)

Plane rides on Airasia is seriously T______T FMLx2. Super small seats with super un-lengzai air stewards. Mehhhh... I can't imagine taking Airasia to Australia. Or anywhere for that matter.

Wearing a spaghetti babydoll top and super short brown pants. I was the only one in the whole plane dressed as if im going on a vacation to Hawaii or something. So beachy (pun not intended) and daring rite?

Anyways, we reached Sibu in one piece. I think it was about 10pm when we touched down. U and Nye-Gung were already waiting at the arrival hall, ready to stuff our big and plentiful luggages into the Myvi and Saga. Yes. They brought 2 cars just to fit our luggages in. KL people don't pack light =D

So bla bla bla, did some catching up with the aunties and the uncles, had KFC for supper and it was off to bed.


Chu yi was spent in Sibu. Went around visiting more aunties and uncles. And we made a pit stop at Medan Mall. Its pirated DVDs heaven! Cheap shit i crap you not! I bought like, er, possibly, roughly, 30 DVDS? hah! I don't know how i managed to smuggle all of it back to KL in the end.

We visited my dad's elder sister (in fu chow, we call her Gugu). And dayum. Her CNY cookies are to die for! And that ikan bilis honey coated watchamacallit snack was soooo good i practically ate the whole tin T___T

Thats when she told us we could have the recipe so we can go home and DIY ourselves. haha.

From the pages of the Sifu.


Apparently, there is this river called Sungai Merah in Sibu, and guess what. The water in the river is seriously Red. My dad told me that it has been red ever since, forever, and little kids like playing there last time. So i asked my dad, "Why is it red?", cause you know, as a science field student, there has to be a reason for the water's redness rite? My dad was dumb-founded by the question. His only response was "hmm. I never thought of that before". And i answered, "so, you could have been playing in some over polluted river for the past 50 years huh. So much for always telling us 'safety first'" LOL!

Now lots of houses was built on either sides of the river banks cause apparently its very 'ONG'.

Nice cloud reflection.


Chu Er, was spent in Sarikei. Woke up so blardy early (7am is considered very early in my books ok!) and drove down to Sarikei.

Again, more uncle and aunty visits.



For those of you who thought Sarawak is all about this:

and wooden house like this:

Let me tell you what a serious misconception you have. We has big brick houses too!

This is my mum's cousin house. So big rite? Nicely furnished as well. Envious.

Will continue the story in my next post :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pampered Kids

What the fuck is the world coming to???

Kids are getting too pampered!

Handphones when they haven't even hit puberty??

Laptops when they are in form2?

And they still complain????



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tear Glands Stimulated

You know how sometimes, when you watch a really touching advert, or when watching some documentary about starving african childrens, the 9/11 incident, or perhaps Titanic?, somehow the emotional receptors get stimulated and you just can't help but weep in silence and start thinking about. well. alot of things.

It hits you. Just like that. No warning. No signs. Just. BAM! The tears start rolling.

Sometimes, its the simplest things that will touch us.

I just finished watching the MV of Nickelback's Never Gonna Be Alone.

I wept like i've never did before in my life during the last minute of the clip. The message was simple. But it got me to think about so many things. About how life is very short and unexpected. Of how God can just take the life of anyone nearest and dearest to you. I dont know how to explain myself further. Maybe my hormones are all wrecked up because of the exams.

Anyways, i hope you'll find the song as inspiring as it did for me. Im gonna spend alot of time with my family this holiday.

I even have a pet project i want to do with my family.
Code name: Family Potrait :) can't wait to get started.

Anyways, cheers mate! One more exam tomoro and im done!

Shit. Watched it for the second time and i still teared up at the end!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Of All Things Random and Totally Irrelevant

1) Planning to buy the above two tops. Mad cute rite?? (must have it!)

2) Time to check whether your shit, is GOOD SHIT (yes im currently studying this topic. Damn shitty rite? haha! Excuse the pun!)

3) My 3rd part of the 1st semester of 2nd year (so confusing =.=) food stock up! I swear, they didnt even last me 3 weeks. FML. Why am i such a glutton! They degrade my overall health, and are not friendly at all to my credit card T___T

4) I was sitting in a very obscene position (imagine sitting on a very wide bench with your legs terbuka kangkang across its width.) But somehow, it was automatically censored by the camera. Go figure.

5) Wei Leng and her untagged bag. She bought this bag the day before, but the shopkeeper lady forgotten to remove that sensor thing. And she didnt even realize it till she came back aimst. So pity. Have to go back to Penang to untag it.

6) On my last bus ride back to KL, the bus driver decided to take a 1 hour break (to eat lunch and smoke a ciggy i presume). So me and MZ went ahead and indulged ourselves with this fruits delight ice shave (in local term: ABC!). Was nice. I enjoyed it. But even with two people sharing one bowl, we couldnt finish it. I think there was still half of it leftover.

7) For fun put a nice pic of me so that you wont forget how i look like pre-exam.

8) My most fav pencil box! So chio ok! But after using it for about 4 years (i think), the glitter in the heart started to fade off, and i think there was some funky mold growing on it because it started developing these black spots all across the outer surface. So i had to throw it away and replace it with an equally chio pink ice cream pencil case which i bought from Indo! Hah!

-abrupt end!-