Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tear Glands Stimulated

You know how sometimes, when you watch a really touching advert, or when watching some documentary about starving african childrens, the 9/11 incident, or perhaps Titanic?, somehow the emotional receptors get stimulated and you just can't help but weep in silence and start thinking about. well. alot of things.

It hits you. Just like that. No warning. No signs. Just. BAM! The tears start rolling.

Sometimes, its the simplest things that will touch us.

I just finished watching the MV of Nickelback's Never Gonna Be Alone.

I wept like i've never did before in my life during the last minute of the clip. The message was simple. But it got me to think about so many things. About how life is very short and unexpected. Of how God can just take the life of anyone nearest and dearest to you. I dont know how to explain myself further. Maybe my hormones are all wrecked up because of the exams.

Anyways, i hope you'll find the song as inspiring as it did for me. Im gonna spend alot of time with my family this holiday.

I even have a pet project i want to do with my family.
Code name: Family Potrait :) can't wait to get started.

Anyways, cheers mate! One more exam tomoro and im done!

Shit. Watched it for the second time and i still teared up at the end!

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