Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Of All Things Random and Totally Irrelevant

1) Planning to buy the above two tops. Mad cute rite?? (must have it!)

2) Time to check whether your shit, is GOOD SHIT (yes im currently studying this topic. Damn shitty rite? haha! Excuse the pun!)

3) My 3rd part of the 1st semester of 2nd year (so confusing =.=) food stock up! I swear, they didnt even last me 3 weeks. FML. Why am i such a glutton! They degrade my overall health, and are not friendly at all to my credit card T___T

4) I was sitting in a very obscene position (imagine sitting on a very wide bench with your legs terbuka kangkang across its width.) But somehow, it was automatically censored by the camera. Go figure.

5) Wei Leng and her untagged bag. She bought this bag the day before, but the shopkeeper lady forgotten to remove that sensor thing. And she didnt even realize it till she came back aimst. So pity. Have to go back to Penang to untag it.

6) On my last bus ride back to KL, the bus driver decided to take a 1 hour break (to eat lunch and smoke a ciggy i presume). So me and MZ went ahead and indulged ourselves with this fruits delight ice shave (in local term: ABC!). Was nice. I enjoyed it. But even with two people sharing one bowl, we couldnt finish it. I think there was still half of it leftover.

7) For fun put a nice pic of me so that you wont forget how i look like pre-exam.

8) My most fav pencil box! So chio ok! But after using it for about 4 years (i think), the glitter in the heart started to fade off, and i think there was some funky mold growing on it because it started developing these black spots all across the outer surface. So i had to throw it away and replace it with an equally chio pink ice cream pencil case which i bought from Indo! Hah!

-abrupt end!-

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