Friday, January 29, 2010

Hurry hurry! Study study!

QUICK! I forgotten which part of the stomach was this taken from.

I think it is the pyloric part. Or is it the fundus? gah! can't remember!

I seriously hate histology. I HATE! They all look the same! From Brunner's glands to crypts of Lieberkhuns and to Peyer's patches, they all look frickin pink to me.

And these are not even a quarter of the slides i have to study.

We are given 2 minutes for each slide during OSPE exam to identify it and answer a subquestion. If you can't identify it, means you can't answer the subsequent questions. So you just sit there and stone till your 2 minutes is up. Its like KNOW or DIE. Damn stressful ok!

Theory exams are on this Thursday and Practical exams are on Friday.

Wish. Me. Luck!

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