Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Holiday 2009 [Part 2]

Gah.. Too many pictures till i don't know where to start!

First things first,

I finally gotten my P license! Shocking isn't it that i waited this long to actually complete the driving course =S Now i'm itching for my own car.

I drove my whole family to Taipan. Don't play play ok!

They went down to buy some buns from the local bakery. But i refuse to come out of the car! How often do i get the chance to sit in the driver's seat and smirk at those teenage girls/boys walking past me who don't have a license yet!? hah! I have a license! *revs car* Hiak hiak.

My mum knew i was craving for cake from Berry's. She bought me this really huge slice of Chocolate cake. But i didn't want chocolate cake! I wanted FRUIT CAKE!

You know, i used to lurve chocolate cakes. I didn't realize that over the years, my taste have changed so much! I now despise anything chocolat-ey. I even hate Forrerho (is that how you spell it?) Roche! When choosing cakes, even if there are no Fruit cakes, i will opt for anything but chocolate ones! Oh, i hate tiramisu cakes as well. I hate coffee! Thats a known fact. Hmm. Oh. And by fruit cakes, i mean those cakes with real fruits garnished on top, with cream and all. Yum!

But i ate the cake anyway. I was hungry T__T


Went out for yumcha session with Usj 13-ians in SS2. Till today i don't know the reason why SS2, why so far out from Subang, but hey what the heck. I wasn't the one driving. Thank you Huey Ching, and thank you Vee!

Time really does change a person physically. We all have aged so gracefully (wtf sounds so old). But really, everyone looks more wiser and more adult-like you know. Most of them drove there by themselves. Which is pretty cool when compared to our younger times when we used to call each other up to plan a carpool if ever we go out. But then again, we always had hema, the driver, who also drove us around Indo. Old habits die hard. Wonder if when we're 50, you'll still be driving me around? Hmmm.

Rumors had it that Noel has been using SK2 skin whitening cream. Is it true? har har.

Huey Ching then told us that Ying Wai managed to get us on 'THE LIST" for the opening party of Opera, which is a new club in Sunway. So she asked us to go check the place out. Since we're on the list and all. So i agreed. Because Vee agreed. And because Vee was my ride home.

Speaking of which, this is the first ever time i have been on "THE LIST" for something like this. Its kinda cool. Its like those scenes from the movie when this totally hot chick was like walking pass this insanely long line outside the club's entrance, gracefully approaching the bouncers at the door, muttering a silent 'Christine', and having the person with the guest list look up at me with a wide smile saying "Welcome". =D

But that of course was not what happened.

But first, we had to survive PJ's crazy traffic. And Vee got lost. Admidst the "yea i know where we are. Don't worry. This place looks familiar", we got lost.

But thank goodness we found our way out later.

Made a quick pit-stop to Fullhouse, Pyramid to visit our ever pleasant, ever short (joking joking. *coughs), ever adorable, Jonathan. *cough*when you gonna show me your new girl*cough* =D

Jon's friend acting sneaky behind. Good one! Haha!

Vee looked totally pompous in the first picture so i made him hold a toy deer.

Vee who is quite tall.

Jon, who is err. My height :D But thumbs up anyway! haha.

Anyways, me and Vee ended up just standing outside the club, staring through the glass windows into the bar area of the 4 stories club.

Its not that we can't get in. Heck. Our names were on "THE LIST". But rather it was the fact that i suddenly got this wave of self awareness and intimidation. The girls there were wearing miniskirts, mini tops, MINI-EVERYTHING! Equipped with hooker style make up and push up bras!

I was really scared okay. The people there have those 'garang' looks in their eyes. As if they wanted to slash us up and run away with all our money.

But it was mainly because of the dressing la i guess. I don't fit into the crowd. I stand out too much. And its not because of good reasons. I had like long slacks and this floral top which is totally un-clubber like. Zero makeup. I just came back from mamak. What do you expect =.=

So we left. And headed to Old Town to yumcha with Dic-Syen and Noel who just finished their DotA games. Blek.


Lunch in Sakae Sushi with sister. Erm. She was constantly messaging this somebody and didn't really layan me. Pfft. How often does she see her big sis??? Like maybe 5 times in one year and this is how she treats me.

But okla. Got down little details of her life like studies. And bitches from her school (bitches who like punching each others boobs out of sheer fun. They find it funny. I find it very very disturbing). Small talks here and there.

And she introduced me to this new dish in Sakae Sushi which was superbly delish! Its also a name too complicated that i can't be bothered to remember. So i shall name it, Fried Veges with BBQ sauce? Its not really fried veges. And its not exactly BBQ sauce. But its green, and there's some black sauce on top of it, so go figure.

Acting silly.


Had lunch with my dad's super old best friend whom he met while still studying in Sarikei. He now lives in Indonesia. Go figure. But apparently, he is really rich and owns a palm oil estate. And we all know that palm-oilers earn big money.

His wife actually took a picture of me and told my mum that she plans to match make me with her son, who is around my age =.= What?

I like the food. Tastes. Chinese.


Aimst internet line sucks! Its so slowwww! You would think after all the "maintenance" they were doing for a month plus, the connection would be slightly faster. But no! Its slower than before. It took me at least 20 minutes to upload 2 freakin pictures on Blogger and 15 minutes to upload 1 picture in Facebook.

So now you know why i've not been updating regularly.

I hope the line gets better. STAT.

Goodnight everybody! =)

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