Monday, January 25, 2010

Give me 2 hours, and i can make you healthy ;)

This will be my new motto for the year (now don't think naughty. tho it does seem to point to the unclean direction). But rather, think of it as me filling those 2 hours with jokes and laughter and smiles, that will instantly make you more happy, and consequently, more healthier!

I want to be the person who can spread happiness to whomever, whenever, wherever!


Since im in such a cheery mood, i want to write about the other Penang trip i had with the more english speaking people of my class (sorry to say this, but my class is dominated by mandarin speaking chinese, and tamil speaking indians. so its nice to get away from it all, and just speak the one most important language of them all, ENGLISH. No offence to anyone of course.)

Say hello to Alex, Narresh, and Merlinda!

And don't forget Wei Leng too! Mah english hommies!

Only Shan Tan is missing. Gurl. You should come out more! Don't hide behind your books everyday! Its not healthy!!!

We went over to Gurney, where I ate SAKAE SUSHI. Yum yum yum. Omg i have been craving for sushi, since, 3 weeks ago when i came back from KL! Nom nom nom! Ahh..

Who do you think is a better cup promoter? haha.

Wei Leng Leng Leng Leng Leng~


After dinner, we went to Batu Ferringhi night market, cause Merlinda wanted to shop for stuffs there. So, ok, just went along with it. Its not like my life is centered around books =.= Im not a nerd! (lol. just saying).

I ended up buying 12 pirated DVDS - One of them included the life story of Mahamat Gandhi, which i think was awesome! You can really see all the sacrifices he made for his people, the hardship that he had to go through to lead the Indian people into independance. I feel so, so liberated after the movie. I had this sudden strong urge to go free the birds at Wen Xiang's house - "FLY BIRDS FLY! INDEPENDANCE IS YOURS!!! HURRAH!!"

So yea, i think that was all i bnought. And im so proud of myself! Do you know how big a deal it is when a shopaholic did NOT buy anything? Faster come and pat by back and say "good job!".

Apparently the ship behind me is a fine dining restaurant, and the food there are ridiculously overpriced. So, er, don't go there unless you have da bling? yo!

An awesome day it was. Yes it is.


Oh oh! Btw, something majorly major just happened!

One of the hostel in the girl block caught fire!!!!

It was the block next to mine! And i didn't realize it till my roomate informed me!

I THOUGHT THE WHOLE RINGING SOUND WAS A BLOODY ICECREAM TRUCK! Which makes no sense cause this is a UNIVERSITY CAMPUS. How on earth will there be an icecream truck, ringing its bell at 11pm!

And when i heard a group of girls screaming, i just thought they were hit by a major case of hysteria, for god knows what reason! I don't care! People here sometimes study till their screws go loose!

Next time, i must learn to be more observant.

Can you see the fire truck?

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