Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Holiday 2009 [Part 1]

Hello humans!

Did i wish all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year yet?



I know i know. Ive been *cough*neglecting*cough* this blog for quite some time now. Not that im planning to stop. I actually do like writing crap in this donkey space of mine *cough*

Anyhoos, its been a week since i came back from Kl.

I don't want to start ranting about the little things that happened here and there in Aimst before i rant about the things that happened back home.

I went to soooo many places during my 2 weeks break (Indonesia would be the most obvious cause i ter-blab-ed this to err. everyone? But i'll leave the Indonesia adventures for another post -Must be systematic. MUST!)

Sooooo okay.

ERRRMMM. Hmmm. I kinda forgot what happened during the first few days of the holidays (ahh. this is what happen when you don't blog on a regular basis). But i remember it involves food, food, and foodfoodfood. I've been stuffing myself silly that 2 weeks. Imma bigmotherglutton. But again. Thats another story.

Instead of my glutton adventures, I would like to tell you about my pleasant trip to REDBOX! *cue Christmas music!*



Just to let you know, pulling a:

a) Noel means screaming like some transvestite junkie. harhar.

b) Shing Vee means pretending to not know how to sing at the beginning, but somehow managed to sing the entire 9/10 of the song shortly later.

c) Kaysim means being totally gay and emo. lolololol.

The rest of us are pretty normal. heh.


The decorations in Sunway Pyramid were quite pretty this time. Being light deprived and all (Aimst decided to cut cost by not switching on the lamps at the girl's hostel walkway), I was really fascinated by the blinking yellow lights that were beautifully draped around trees.

L-R (Nerd, Mega Nerd, Me, Short Nerd) =)


I shall not leave my post so abruptly next time cause *cough*potatohead*cough* said it doesn't look professional.

So, instead of *END*, im gonna leave you all with a "Hohoho. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!'

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