Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Holiday 2009 [Part 3]

Mine was the tallest glass ;)

Karaoke and a hearty meal in Sunway Carnival Mall :)


I was thinking of writing a long essay for this post. To sum up my Christmas Holidays of 2009. But, no. The flow aint coming. So i'll just make a quick post, then i can rant about some other insignificant things in my life. Like. I dunno. Something.

On the Eve of Christmas, my church back home held a play, depicting the birth of Jesus Christ, and the events that happened BC.

I thought it was a wonderful play. Best thing is, the actors weren't the Youth, it was the adults! Grown men (and women) playing the parts of Mary and Joseph, the Shephards, the Innkeeper. It was hilarious! Really!


Right after church, i went out with my really really really old time buddy of mine and his brother. I knew the fella since i was, *gasp*less than 1 years old!*gasp!*

My my did time really fly.

And of course, hanged out with the ever cute and bubbly Joshua!

Anyhow, there are a few outings i want to post up. But. hmm. Maybe in the next post.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their holidays! May this year be much more bigger and better than last year's! Cheers!

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