Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank you Sultan of Kedah!


How have you all been?

I have exams coming up in about 2 weeks time. So i cant say im in the best shape of my life right now. But nontheless, blogging does play a minor role in helping my FINGERS keep in shape! With the typing and all. haha!

Anyways, last week was the Sultan of Kedah's birthday, meaning we got a day off from lectures! So, because the holiday was on a Monday, that means we have 3 continuous days off! Which is great news! Cause we medical students are so holiday deprived :(

Mingzhi sms-ed a few days in advance, asking about my plans for the holidays. I have none. The original plan was to go back KL. But then later figured it was too much of a hassle. And i am partially broke (trying to save up for my trip to Australia! Big money involved! Don't play play!).

So i told him, "No plans". And he replied, "Great. Then you must follow me go somewhere this holiday". Not so much his exact words, but same meaning.

Hoho. Who knew it would be to Genting =D

I took this shot. Looks damn pro rite? heh.

Actually, we didnt exactly start our journey from Aimst. We stayed over at Kok Keong's house in Penang for 2 nights before the actual departure date.

OMG. Boys will be BOYS!
PS3 TEKKEN 5 NON STOP!!!! Morning also play, afternoon after lunch also play, evening also play, night time before we sleep also play! Crazy! I am now a certified sifu in Tekken 5!

Seriously those 3 days were all about lazing around the house, playing PS3, and sleeping, and DotA, and and, playing Scramble on Adrian's hp =D I wish we can do this everyday!

But there will come a time, when we must move on with our lives, and go closer to GENTING!

The car ride was insane! Imagine 6 grown men and women in one car! haha! Squeezy, yet hillariously funny! We didn't even take our breakfast when we left. So there was that tummy growl every once in a while. Haha!

But we arrived safely :)

Our first official Genting photo of the day!

Straightaway we knew we wanted to go play the Outdoor Themepark! Bought all park ticket which costs us about RM60 each?

The air was cool and there was a slight breeze. Nice :)

Mingzhi looks too young to be driving =x hahah!

In 'Dinasour Land' ;)

There was this one point in the afternoon, when the whole themepark was suddenly engulfed in this creepy fog.

Creepy ok! Somemore I was alone cause i chickened out on the Space Shot at the last moment. Cannot lar! My heart cant take any more burden. Huhu!

They survived the ride. I survived the fog.

I love it! There were practically no lines! This is one of the pros of being a university student! Your holidays dont clash with the primary and secondary school people!

Coincidently, we were all wearing white colored shoes. Fated? Perhaps.

Those teacups are SICK! They should totally ban those teacups thinggy! It just went round and round and round till i felt like im actually floating. And i felt this wave of nausea hitting me on my head a few seconds later. It doesnt help when your teacup partner is deliberately trying to make you puke by manually spinning those teacups like a madman! Severely traumatized, but alive =S

Beryl's Chocolate House! Lovely place! Real whimsical. And you can find alot of props to camwhore with. Like the falling books! Haha.


Who would have thought that it would be the men who will be the first to complain about tiredness and hunger. heh.

So we decided that it was time to head back to First World to grab a bite to eat, and to let the guys recuperate. Hahaha. Hillarious bunch of people.

We took things slow after dinner. Sat on the gigantic indoor ferris wheel :) My first time ever!


After a couple of rides later (ps the 4D motion pictures was awesome!), we decided that it was time to find ourselves a room for the night.


I know thats what most of you must be thinking. How could we be that irresponsible to NOT BOOK A ROOM in advance. Well, in our defence, we thought there will be plenty of rooms left cause it wasn't peak season.

BUT WHO KNEW God will deal such a card for us. There were NO ROOMS AVAILABLE in FIRST WORLD at all! Only the triple deluxe dunno what suite, which was not in our budget at all. So we moved on to another hotel, and another, and another, before settling on just renting one big room for all 6 of us to share. I think it was about RM240 there? Divided by 6, that would be about RM40 something each. Not bad i must say.

There were only 2 beds, so we did a little bit of improvising :)

We played cards and talked all night long, till we finally KO-ed at about 5am. I totally rock in the Cheating game. Who dares challenge the master?


The next morning afternoon, it was a rush to make sure we checked out before 12, and sure enough, we made it just in the knick of time. Phew! Now that was a close call! Then we made our way back to Penang where we have to rush over to SP for the CNY dinner (which we were about 2 hours late! But thats another story.)

Before i end, here is one group picture of the 6 of us whom made this trip very much enjoyable and interesting!

Aww. One big happy group picture :)

laisse aller à nouveau!

Je t'aime gars!

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