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Sri Kl Charity Fun Fair!

Sri Kl Charity Fair!!!
Boo! I have been oh-so-very late in updating my blog.. LAZIEEEE... So almost all the blogs im gonna post didnt realli happen on the date posted. Hope you can keep up. If you cant, then.. then.. u are seriously one sad case cause its not that hard if you really really try.

Anyhoos! The Sri KL Charity Fun Fair! Yup. Its a charity. All proceeds goes to charity. This is the day I rushed to Shee Wuee's house immediately after futsal. Took 3 mins to change and freshen up - a new personal record =) Boon's mum came a few seconds later and off we go to Sri Kl! Boon's mum gave us like RM100 to spend! Tq!! N oh! I found RM 20 later!!!

OOOOhhhh! And have I mentioned I studied in Sri Kl before?? From Primary 1 - 3. Sri Kl rocks man. Sri Kl is a private school located nearby Taylors n Metropolitan.


Why does Sri Kl rocks my socks?

1. All the classrooms are freakin air conditioned.
2. There are 2 semester a year. Each semester cost RM4000. Who the f*** wont like to be studying at such a rich school?
3. There are two break sessions. One is Breaktime and the other is Lunchtime. Do you know whats so great about it? Its buffet style baby! All you can eat!!!! It comes with apetizers, the main course and desserts *drools..
4. Since everybody studying here are so damn rich, all of the guys look so HAWT cuz they can spend all their kachings at spas and facial treatments..!!
5. The teachers dont dare harm you cause, well, we are the prince and princesses entrusted by our loving parents(who paid a helo-lot-of-money) to them.. If you catch my drift.. ^^
6. The toilet never stinks!
7. They organize many many many carnivals like this one! And famous people ALWAYS come!!!!!
8. Theres more.. But dont remember them now.. oh well.. next time =)

Anyways! Its Christine's most fav time! Picture time!!!

This is like a teeny weeny part of Sri Kl. There were about 50times more ppl than you see here.

Me and lboon.

On me: My Kong shirt and my newly bought mini =)

On her: Her new Urban tee and her new MNG jeans. Double =)!

Young kids nowadays.. tsk tsk tsk.. Oh.. Before I forget. The car was the grand prize for the Hole-In-One golf game. Yes. You heard it right. Golf in school.

We turned heads. We stopped traffic.

I look so loooong.. teehehehehe... I am so fortunate to be blessed with long white legs =)

A yellow-white-striped-box thingy (not yet finish study my undang okay!). Theres too much traffic cuz every student in Sri Kl have their own car. So they have to build this crossway so students can cross the road safely in the compounds of their own school.. RICH KIDS.

I lurveeeeeeee Bubble Teaaaaaaaaa! Buy me one now!!!!!

Teachers working hard! MMMMM.... Fooood Glorious food glorious!

Yuckkkksss.. Looks like a shit BEAUTIFUL chocolate fountain.

Boon and Shee Wuee enjoying their Ice Kacang

The Damn Lady who didnt want to sell me the Corn in Cup. WTF.

Hehehe... Autograph and photo session with the stars. Guess who we met?

Any guesses? Ignore the guy on the left. He's not really that famous. But that guy in the white. DONT TELL ME YOU DONT RECOGNIZE HIM??!

Its JJ from HITZ.FM!!!!!> Oh. N the guy in black is Hans Isaac or sumthing. Dunno how to spell his name lar..

So heres the funny part. To take a picture with them. You have to pay RM10. JUST FOR A PICTURE WITH THEM. So, me being the very cheap Christine I am, I found a way to cheat the system. Hahaha..!

hehehe... I am in the pic. JJ is in the pic. All FOC. Smart rite... =)

Another one!

Boon soon joined my plan.. hehe..


But in the end, we forked out RM10 to get a legal picture with all of us in it. Definately worth it.

OMG! JJ's smile is exactly the same as 3 years ago! Look at pics below and compare. (the pic with me and cow with JJ was taken 3 years ago at 10th bday bash. I know i know... I look soooo... sooooo.. Not me. I was a UGLY DUCKLING back then T.T)

A few minutes later, our tummy started growling. So..........


The food was AWESOME.

3 of us.


After makan, we continued exploring the school..

The Fun Fair.

The rules: Pull the white cloth without making the empty Ribenna boxes drop.

Result: I did it!!

The Rules: Hit the nail with the hammer until the nail is completely hammered into the wood. You only get 6 hits.

The Result: She didnt make it.

Me and Shee Wuee ^^

The Rules: By using 3 darts, hit any of the red circles.

The Result: Shee Wuee scored!!!!

The wet area.. Eeee... So fun.. But we were wearing skirt.. T.T

The tickets. Still left soooo much even after playing and eating soooo much..



Boon enjoying her RM5 temaki.

Me enjoying my RM5 temaki as well. Yum..

Halfway eating, Something caught my eye.

Wtf was she wearing? Its a carnival for charity. Its not a Carni-SCREW-val.

She was wearing a bright neon purple mini dress (which by the way is a look she cant pull), bloody heavy makeup, FISHNET stokings and TRAMPY Boots.

While "discretely" snapping pics of her, she suddenly turned and looked at me!!! Shit shit shit shit shit. (To protect her identity, I hav blanko-ed her face.)


After makan habis second round, we walk around somemore. We STILL had about RM26 bucks with us.


We bought 3 baskets for RM20~!!!


Haha. We were having such a fun time just wondering down the stalls and looking at stuff. SUDDENLY! Lay Boon started running to this stall! Me and Shee Wuee was like "WHAT THE HELL?"

Lay Boon's over-excited expression.

The stall she was running to.

Dum derum dum..

Guess what was the stall selling?

BOOKS =.="

Lay Boon had such a hard time deciding. "Which one to choose!? Which one???"

The lady also BEH TAHAN d. hahahaha...

Lay Boon: "Who cares bout the lady? I need my BOOKS!" lol.

Ohh yea.. I met an old friend there. Kevin. Actually, I dont remeber him. *guilty. He was the one who came up to me and was like, "Hey! Long time didnt see you!! Your Christine rite??? Remember me???"

Errrrr..... Sori..


After buying 12 books. Yea. 12 BOOKS. We figured its time to go back. So while waiting for Boon's mum, we took yet another round of pics =p


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