Friday, July 25, 2008

City Harvest's 7th Anniversary

Thanks Dic-Syen. Without your invite, I wouldve missed such a great night. Picking up from where I left off in the last post. So, after hanging out with Adrian C, Dic-Syen picked me up from Pyramid and drove me to City Harvest.


There were sooooo many people!

Neways, since Im very lazy to write, i'll do PhotoBlogging today! I dont have much pics. But do enjoy!


We were screaming, and singing, and jumping! It was sooooo fun! We were all in the mood for partay! I think its because 99% of the crowd are comprised of raging hormonal young adults. Most of them are studying in colleges nearby (Sunway, Monash, Inti, Taylors, Metropolitan..).

Thats the Pastor talking. Pastor's top is soooo cute! The style he was going for was the sweater top over a collared shirt. Its suppose to look smart. But it was so obvious that both pieces were sewn together. Failed as a 2 piece. Why do I say its cute? Well, its cute when pastor tries to pull of the look :D

Yea i know. Im weird.

A member of the church performing a song. (forgotten what song liao. Sori!)

The 3 violinists. They were great to listen to. Its nice to hear these soft ballads every once in a while.

Well, there were actually alot more performances going on. But I only bothered to take a few pics. So sori.

After party:

Jasmine, Me, and Huey Ching.

Me and Dic-Syen

Dic-Syen, me and Huey Ching (note the decreasing height. From the tallest, Dic-Syen till Huey Ching =p)

Omg. They were even selling J.CO. Smart ppl.

After enjoying myself at such a concert, me and Dic-Syen decided to go makan. He asked me to pick a place. Guess where I suggested.





KFC =)





My main reason for going to Kfc is because I wanted to proceed with my pork plan try the Honey Pickled Twister. Really! Serious! =0 hehe.

I do miss some of them (not the fierce lady manager tho). And they remember me =) Its nice to know Im not forgotten eventhough I only worked with them for 6 days. Thanks guys.


Ratings: 9.5/10 ( I lOVE IT!)


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