Thursday, February 12, 2009

First time. I gave it my all.

It was such a wild and wicked night. The amount of liquid involved, the moans and the groans, the constant ah ah AHHHHHssss..

"I can't go on... Its sooo painful... Please stop...."

Completely dejected. Picked upon like a piece of meat and being ravaged by the hungerous ever thirsty wolves. They wanted to see me at my best. Pushing me more. "You can do better than this! Put it more effort! PUSH harder!!!!!"

Hair is a mess. Tears and sweat dripping. Boy. I could fill up a swimming pool with it. The amount of fats and carbs lost. So strenuous. Oh so strenuous.

I was clawing onto them. Not letting go. Wanting to prove I can and WILL see this through. Not wanting to be socially labelled as a 'loser' due to my lack of skills in this area.

I felt so lost. So blur after the whole process. Now i have become like the 'other' people i was always afraid i will become. Oh no.

I cant even look at myself the same anymore.






My books were so worn out after that night XD

(and yes i know i look like crap. Pre-exam stress. On a different note, i look so sexay in smk usj 13's shirt ey? Semangat Tiga Belas!)

Wolves = Lecturers, Liquid = Iced Lemon Tea (xplanation for those who are lost. But im sure you guys are not la. Cause then you must really question yourself, how could you possibly be my friend if you cant get what im trying to imply XD Loads of crap. Im just full of it today. Wheeeee)

4 3 more papers and counting.

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