Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shopping and My Heels ;)

Okay. Am starting to realize that my blog is resembling somewhat of cows'.

SO neways. You guys should I know I just finished my 2 week long exam. *next one coming up in 7 weeks time.

Went to CS that very day itself. Treating ourselves to the enjoyment that we've been deprived of for the past 1 month (or more for some :P) An all girls only outing. No boys allowed (as we wont want them to see us in our craziest, jumping from one shop to the other, pouncing on the aunties whos only fault was that they were holding up traffic at the sales bin.)
7 of us went. Cant upload the group pic cause something's wrong with blogger.com. It wouldnt let me upload my innocent pictures. Only can upload 2. Isssssshhhhhh....

You'reprobably wondering why does my title says 'Shopping and MY HEELS'. Its cause my shoes have become quite the centre of attention that day. NO kidding.

Aunties were like "Where did you buy that from?", etc etc etc. It was the first time my hp number dapat such permintaan hangat from aunties and yes, uncles who wants to buy it for their wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, neice, mother, mother in law, sister in law, cat, etc etc..... Awesome, but quite creepy. Seriously. Even when I said I got it online and that its all SOLD OUT, they insisted to get my hp number and asked me to pass them the url for it. Zzzzz.... Do i look like such a free and wu liao person?

Needless to say, Im so proud of myself and my fashion sense. Hahaha. Ok ok. Self praise is no praise. But we cant devoid ourselves from the truth rite ;)

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