Thursday, November 5, 2009


Haemophilus aprophilus
Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans
Cardiobacterium hominis
Eikenella corrodens
Kingella kingae
(Yes. I am trying to show off that i know complicated bacteria names. It makes me feel smarter.)


Done with OSCE and OSPE today.

I must say, OSPE was really easy for me this time.

But OSCE was hell!

Ok la. Not really hell. Managed to read the X-ray correctly, and perform correct JVP measuring method and perfect CPR. Oh. Not to mention, i think i did a great job in General Physical Examination =D

But i BURNED in Blood pressure measurement! You know what i did!? I placed the cuff terbalik! No wonder his radial pulse was still there after i raise the pressure to 180mmHG. FML! I swear to God Mohanty was really annoyed cause he keeps giving me the death glare. He must be thinking "Omgwtfcrazyshit, this kid how can be a medical student. Simple thing like this also don't know. Sure will kill all her patients wan". How can i make a stupid stupid STUPID mistake like that!


And i didn't have time to complete ECG reading. Cause it was my first station. Nervous and all. Couldn't focus. In the end, no time to complete the questions. I know how to do you know! But anxiety took the best of me. Nvm. I will try harder next time.

So humans of the nation,

I have one more paper tomorrow. The THEORY paper. Wish me all the best!

I'm off to battle my books!

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