Friday, November 13, 2009

Imma Jetsetter

Its finally done!

Booked and paid and everything la!

Im sooooo happy!!!

I will be flying of to Yogyakarta on the 27th of December!! yay! Words cannot express how happy I am right now! Finally, an independant holiday! Just me and my two bestest buds!

Sorry bunny, bear, and (shee wuee, what animal are you again?). We will definately go on a holiday together some day!

Return flight tix alone costs RM457, which I feel is a superb deal considering the fact that the cheapest Hema could ever get was RM169 one way. And thats after she booked 5 months in advance. I got mine for RM197 :)

We'll be crashing in a hotel for all 6 nights. Hema says the rates are cheap, so why not right. Plus. She is a member of some hotel club or something. I dunno. But that means DISCOUNTs for us!


The travel plans. None has been made. At least not on my part. We shall leave it to the local maid to plan for us. Maybe we can hop on a bus and head north to jakarta? Or we could just crash in Jogja for all 7 days. I dont mind! Cause honestly, its the fact that I have my closest buds there that makes this whole trip worth every penny, every second of my time, and every Adenosine TriPhosphate.

Yes. I prebooked my meals :) I told you I love aeroplane food! Delish!

Im counting down the days when we all graduate and return to the place where it all started.


Willy C. said...

Lol..i dunno where to put this. heh, i seldom get comments from Dun have vocals yet..still finding..hehe..

Christine said...


I wanna go 'JAMMING'.